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Wooden greenhouses in Kenya

Wooden greenhouses in Kenya refer to structures majorly constructed with wooden posts and covered with poly film to protect the plants from destructive sun rays and other harsh weather conditions.

Wooden greenhouses are quickly taking shape and increasing adoption due to their affordability to cushion poor small-scale farmers who cannot afford relatively expensive metallic greenhouses.

In areas where timber is readily available, farmers tend to construct wooden greenhouses to minimize the cost of production as wooden posts are cheaper.

Greenhouse prices in Kenya depend on the materials and location of installation. In hot areas, local greenhouse construction covering is done with a lot of ventilation and insect net to allow air circulation.

However, wooden greenhouses do not last longer than metallic ones, the venture is still economical and worthwhile as the structures can last for at least three years when constructed well.

The HortiTechno team has highly skilled greenhouse technicians in Kenya that are well-trained in constructing firm and durable wooden structures.

Wooden greenhouses in Kenya take an A-frame design that is easy to construct and maintain. The structures are well designed with a crop support system that ensures that even an indeterminate variety of crops are well vined just like in a metallic greenhouse.

Wooden greenhouses construction in Kenya, for start-up small-scale farmers is the best way to raise crops under a sheltered climate at an affordable cost.

This enables small-scale farmers to compete with commercial greenhouse owners in terms of the quality of produce and quantity.

The wooden greenhouses perform just like the metallic ones as the structure is a direct replica of their counterparts.

Wooden greenhouses consist of a frame constructed with wooden timber which is treated against destructive pests like mites.

The treated post can go a long way to support the crops for more than three years. Wooden structures consist of ventilation that assists the crops against high temperatures by allowing airflow and removing the high field heat.

The structure also comes with side curtains that are rolled up when temperatures are high and later rolled down to protect the plants against strong wind and water from rain.

Wooden greenhouses components

Wooden greenhouses in Kenya consist of an irrigation system majorly drip lines that provide water to plants precisely when needed. A drip irrigation system ensures that less water is used as compared to conventional methods that do not supply water measurably.

Drip irrigation also ensures uniformity through equal distribution.

A storage tank is fitted near the greenhouse to supply water by gravity hence reducing the energy used in pumping water.

The structures are also well laid with a crop support system to hold tomato and capsicum vines.

These features qualify wooden greenhouses as good structures for raising high-value crops.

Our team is engaged in making sure that the wooden greenhouse structures constructed are of high quality and meet the client’s demand.

The prices of installing wooden greenhouses depend on the availability of materials and size. Generally, the cost varies depending on regions and agreements between the company and the farmer.

HortiTechno has constructed a good number of wooden greenhouses in Kenya and different regions of east Africa.

Most of our clients have shown confidence and trust in our company with a lot of satisfaction. We do follow-ups of the wooden greenhouse constructed to make sure that they are fully functional.

We also offer repair and maintenance services to our clients to correct any damages or deformities.

The factor that needs keen attention is the size of the timber post used. Our technician recommends straight, treated and strong timber posts to be used in construction to achieve durability and firmness.

The timber posts should be given a strong foundation using sand and ballast to provide a firm and erect structure.

Another factor is the roofing design, it should be slanted to allow the draining of rainwater to avoid damage to crops from excess rain.

The structure should also be laid in a way to protects the plants from strong wind.
The HortiTechno group has intensified massive awareness in regions with small-scale farmers to train and monitor them on the importance and feasibility of greenhouses made from timber posts.

Lack of information has been a hindering factor in the adoption and acceptance of wooden greenhouses. National and county governments should intensify campaigns and awareness workshops to assist farmers with the necessary knowledge of affordable and efficient methods of agriculture.

In addition, both county and national governments should put in place demonstration plots to assist farmers with necessary training and information regarding wooden greenhouses.

Our company has demo greenhouses countrywide that trains and mentor farmers on wooden greenhouse practices.

Wooden greenhouse materials in Kenya include.

Hortitechno is one of the best greenhouse companies in Kenya. We urge new clients to consider wooden structured greenhouses to improve on production as they are relatively affordable and perform just like metallic ones. Wooden greenhouses are expected to achieve wide adoption.

  • Greenhouse polythene 200 microns (1000 gauge)
  • Post and poles
  • Drip kit for irrigation( main line, filter, connector, rubbers, valves, end drips, tank connectors)
  • Tank
  • Assorted nails
  • Wall pass
  • Timber preservative
  • Binding wire
  • Sand ballast and cement to hold the post firmly against the wind.

Hortitechno greenhouses also sell quality greenhouse polythene at affordable prices. We stock 200 microns / 1000 gauge brand new polythene.

Greenhouse polythene price in Kenya is between 100.00 and 120.00.

Wooden greenhouses price

Affordable and durable wooden greenhouses in Kenya by hortitechno.

8 m by 15 m

Suitable for start up, can be made in any part of the country. 140,000 .00

500 tomato plant

  • Greenhouse
  • Drip kit
  • Water tank
Greenhouse prices

8 m by 30 m

Suitable for a growing and experienced farmer. 240,000 .00

1000 tomato plants

  • Greenhouse
  • Drip kit
  • Water tank
  • Entry pourch

16 m by 30 m

For medium to large scale commercial farmer 380,000 .00

2000 tomato plants

  • Greenhouse
  • Drip kit
  • Water tank
  • Gutters
  • Entry porch

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