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Used greenhouse for sale in Kenya Great start 0723053026

Used greenhouse for sale in Kenya helps farmers produce high-quality products at a low investment start-up cost. Greenhouse production is the growing of crops under protected structures made of either metallic or wooden frames.

Greenhouses durability

Greenhouses take at least 3 years or more after construction if made of timber posts or up to 10 years if constructed on metallic frames. Greenhouse technology was introduced in Kenya in the early 2000s.

The Kenyan farmers suffered losses initially due to a lack of knowledge of greenhouse production, maintenance, and marketing strategies.

Greenhouses were either neglected or destroyed as farmers thought that the business was a scam. The neglected greenhouses were either sold to other willing buyers, or converted for other uses.

The destroyed greenhouses have been sold to scrap metal vendors or dumped. Hortitechno company assisted farmers to deviate from the earlier norm of neglect and regret.

We make sure that our farmers are well served right from quotation, installation, and maintenance. Our services are exemplary and standardized.

However, our company assists farmers in getting used to greenhouses around the country. We link farmers and buyers to sellers of used greenhouses for sale in kenya.

Our team is keenly concerned with the evaluation of the used structures before striking a deal. We check on the physical condition,  age of the structure, and quality of the materials used.

The reasons behind the sale of used greenhouses are lack of running capital, lack of knowledge on greenhouse maintenance, and lack of ownership dedication.

Farmers should also be careful about the type of partners they engage in business. Some companies do not offer good service to their clients leading to the demoralization of farmers.

Hortitechno greenhouses practice good business culture that involves honest dealings, integrity, and customer satisfaction. We value our client’s comments and opinions and act immediately in line with their desires. Our main goal is to walk together with our customers.

In Kenya, buyers prefer used metallic greenhouses to wooden ones since recycling dry timber posts is a not viable. The dry posts cannot form a strong structure again.

We advise new investors interested in used greenhouses to contact experts like Hortitechno since we are experienced in evaluation before recommending a used greenhouse for sale.

used greenhouse components

The only components that can be resold in wooden greenhouses include drip lines, HDPE pipes and a tank.

Buying a used polythene cover could be risky about the quality, source, and age of the cover. We advise farmers to take caution while engaging in used structures as they may suffer losses due to a lack of knowledge on the desired quality.

The prices of used greenhouses differ in size, age, and condition of the structure. Generally, a good-looking and firm structure that is less than 3 years old would fetch a higher price compared to old weak structures.

Used greenhouses for sale are advertised in our newsletters, on company website. At Hortitechno, after assessment and evaluation of the used greenhouse for sale, the information is made public through our confirmed social media handles, website, and periodic newsletters.

Our clients are free to call our customer relation officer or visit us physically in our offices for further information and directions.

The client is taken to the site of sale and shown the structure for consideration. The predetermined price is discussed and agreed upon. After payments, the structure is dismantled and transported to the new locations for reconstruction. Refurbishment can be done if seen necessary to correct a few broken or missing parts.

In conclusion, we urge farmers to do a feasibility study to understand the greenhouse business and have the following before starting: Land, reliable water, farmhand and a good extension officer. Greenhouse technology requires professionalism and dedication to avoid losses and lack of accountability.

Greenhouse farming should can be practiced as a hobby or part-time business as it requires time, monitoring, and technical support. Farmers should not think of selling their greenhouse if they meet all the requirements as advised by the agronomist. if you need used greenhouses in kenya or if you want to sell contact us to help you.

Hortitechno organizes regular training and mentorship programs for farmers to enlighten them on the challenges that a greenhouse farmer can face and how to deal with the problems to realize profits.

In times of challenges in agriculture, our team of experts diagnoses the root cause of the problem and develops a permanent solution to assist the farmer. Used greenhouses can be refurbished by farmers through experts and sold for a better price.

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