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Successful Greenhouse farmers in Kenya

Successful greenhouse farmers in Kenya

Successful Greenhouse farmers in Kenya have made a profit through affordable greenhouse farming. Greenhouse farming is a lucrative business if understood well, Lack of knowledge on handling and maintaining greenhouse business has been a  challenge to most farmers that lack extension services that are updated.

Hortitechno farmers have recorded positive results due to our dedication toward farmers’ goals.

Our team of agronomists and marketers is doing a wonderful job in providing both technical and social support to ensure that our clients succeed in their greenhouse business.

We have received several positive comments and referrals from our clients due to our exemplary services and 100% delivery in the field of greenhouse technology.

Our team ensures that our services and products are customer satisfaction oriented. Our business is listening to the needs of our clients leaving them with joy and satisfaction.

Most of our customers have shown a lot of interest in terms of long-term engagement due to our top-quality services.

Greenhouse agronomic in Kenya
Cucumber in a greenhouse

The following are some of the success stories manifested by our clients. Mr. Gad Otieno is a greenhouse farmer off Nairobi road at the banks of river Nyamasaria in Kasule Village in Kisumu county.

My name is Gad, a youthful farmer along nyamasaria River Road, I knew hortitechno company through Internet where I contacted them, we came to an agreement and they respected it by constructing my very first wooden greenhouse which measures 80×30 at an affordable price, though it has been a long journey, I want to thank hortitechno company for standing with me in every step I make in my greenhouse, the outcome is exactly as I expected and up to now the company has been marketing my produce, thank you hortitechno company for making me a successful farmer.”

Gad otieno

He expressed his positive view regarding the services we are offering to him from construction to current progress.

Mary Wangeci, a fruit vendor in Muranga county and a herbs farmer count her success after partnering with hortitechno having received information on our services from a friend.

My name is Wangeci from Muranga county, I am a businesswoman and a farmer. I used to practice outdoor farming. I learned about hortitechno from a friend in one of our farmer’s workshop training in Muranga. I used to cultivate tree tomatoes outdoors for seven years. I suffered so many losses due to low-quality products as a result of excess rain. I have always thought of a solution but a lack of knowledge and information on greenhouse production delayed my dreams. A friend of mine introduced me to greenhouse farming in 2020. My life has changed as I have tripled my income due to the high-quality product I get that supplies-end markets in my local town as well as Nairobi. Thanks, Hortitechno team for this reward “

Mary wangechi

There is an endless list in terms of success stories in various regions of Kenya. Greenhouse farmers should follow the advice and guidelines provided by our team of experts to achieve their goals.

We urge greenhouse farmers to invest in agronomic farm visits to achieve the recent information and technology regarding best agricultural practices.

Successful farmers are those that are dedicated and willing to learn new methods of crop production.

The greenhouse is a noble investment if taken seriously. Many farmers have failed previously due to a lack of partnerships with qualified crop scientists or raising crops using ordinary methods.

Buying the correct seed varieties, good choice of crop, proper market survey, and good agricultural practices are some of the key factors greenhouse farmers should take into consideration to achieve better results. Neglect and lack of knowledge and information are detrimental to greenhouse farming.

We provide farmers with the latest information on greenhouse farming to meet their desires and needs.

This is done through farm visits, awareness meetings, and training sessions. Our expert has published booklets covering all agro-economic practices for all horticultural crops.

The booklets are distributed to farmers at an affordable price. We also make information available through our newsletters and digital platforms.

We ensure that farmers practice sustainable agriculture to achieve developmental goals of food security, safety,y and conservation of the environment. A successful greenhouse farmer is concerned with food safety and the surrounding environment.

Our tagline is less input more output system that ensures that the money invested is accounted for from the revenue generated.

The spirit of continuity has been cultivated in our operations to keep farmers going even in hard situations.

Most of our partner farmers have shown positive signs of moving together in expanding their businesses.

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