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Sprinkler irrigation system in Kenya |quality and durable.+245723053026.

Sprinkler irrigation system in Kenya |quality and durable.+245723053026.
Sprinkler irrigation system in Kenya |quality and durable.+245723053026.


A sprinkler irrigation system is an overhead method of irrigation that operates under high pressure with the help of a pump, through a small nozzle releases water similar to rainfall, and this small nozzle is placed in the pipes, water is then distributed through, a system of pipe sprayed in the air and irritated most of the soil types due to wide range of discharge capacity.

Advantages of sprinkler irrigation

  • It is suitable for all types of soil except heavy day.
  • Sprinkler irrigation  water conveyance channel  which helps in reducing water loss.
  • They can save between 30 to 50 %, sprinkler irrigation make work easier since it’s mobile, it is most suitable for undulating land, it serves land since there is no bond required.
  • Used to spray soluble fertilizer and other chemicals on crops, and lastly it helps in reducing labor cost.

Components of sprinkler irrigation

  • components are as follows;
  • The pumping station- is where pumping takes place going through the whole system.
  •   Fertilizer tank -this is the chamber where soluble fertilizers are mixed from before sprayed on the crops.
  • The pressure gauge -this component helps in regulating the amount of pressure within the sprinkler irrigation system.
  • HDPE or PVC pipes- which are used to connect all these components and also serve as the main line in the sprinkler irrigation system.
  • Sprinkler nozzle- is one of the most important components which helps in delivering water similar to rainfall on crops grown, and some are like bypass valves, filtration system, control valves and finally service schedules.

Types of sprinkler irrigation include;

The sprinkler irrigation system is divided into three types based on precipitation and that case,

  • We have a low-volume type of irrigation sprinkler .
  • Medium-volume sprinkler irrigation system for example the plastic sprinklers.
  • A large-volume sprinkler irrigation system.

The wetting pattern of an overhead sprinkler irrigation system is not that uniform, normally sprinkler irrigation systems wet crops or land wets in a circular and the heaviest wetting area is close to the sprinkler irrigation system for irrigation uniformity, you must install several of them close together the sprinkler irrigation systems can be affected by wind and the amount of pressure wind can easily blow sprays from the sprinkler and to control this the sprayers can be positioned to more closely together.

A sprinkler irrigation system can function well when placed under the right pressure recommended by the manufacturer, when pressure is too high or too low then the distribution will be affected, the most problem that affects distribution is when pressure is too low, this happens when pipes and pump wear, friction increases and so pressure at the sprinkler reduces, and if pressure is too high then the distribution will be affected,  a fine spray develops which falls close to the sprinkler.

The sprinkler irrigation system has got what we call an application rate, the application rate is the average rate at which water is sprayed onto the crops and measured in mm/per hour, the application rate depends on the size of the nozzles,  the operating pressure and the distance between sprinkler. When selecting a sprinkler system it is important to make sure that the average application is less than the infiltration rate of the soil. As water sprays from the rain gun sprinkler irrigation it breaks into small this is considered to be good, since large drops can damage delicate crops.

The sprinkler irrigation system is one of the best irrigation systems a farmer should consider using on his farm for irrigating his or her crops, Hortitechno produce and services is one of the well-known companies with highly qualified professionals in Kenya.

Sprinkler irrigation system prices in Kenya are affordable and always dedicated to giving our customers the best. We are the leading supplier of sprinkler irrigation systems and installers, we honour our agreement with our customers and we ensure success in your farming project.

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