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Solar dryers for food in Kenya.

A solar dryer is a structure made of metallic or wooden structure and covered with heat-retaining materials to increase the temperature to promote dehydration of the dried product to achieve minimum water content so it doesn’t go bad.

Their are so many solar dryer design depending on the use. Solar dryer for agricultural products are made with shelfs to accommodate more products.

in ancient times people use to dry food products in direct sunshine, this would take a lot of time to dry and was also affected by advanced weather like rain, human interference, and dust.

Hortitechno greenhouses solar dryers in Kenya are made to help stem faced by early farmers and traders to reduce post harvest loss in food products.

Solar dryer is used in drying:

A solar dryer is used to dry fruits and vegetables. In developed nations, solar dryers are used to dry drugs.

  • Omena/dagaa
  • Grains – maize, beans, soya beans, green grams, rice etc.
  • Leafy vegetables- Kales, traditional vegetables like spider plants
  • Fruits like mangoes, strawberry
  • Medicinal drugs
  • Tea and herbs
  • Meat and fish

Advantages of solar dryer

  1. Reduce dust contamination
  2. Increase drying time of the products
  3. Screen insect entry that may bring diseases
  4. Shield the agricultural products from rain
  5. Clean products
  6. Prevent pests and rodents

Solar dryer working principles

Solar dryer’s working principle is that cool air enters the bottom window where it is heated upon entry this makes the air light in weight and it rises through the shelf drying the product. In some solar dryer designs glass is placed over a black surface to retain heat in the chamber and then distributes to the main solar dryers.

Materials used in solar dryer
solar dryer
  • Skills
  • Timber or wooden frames
  • Dam liners
  • ventilation windows
  • Solar
  • Fans
  • Polyethene’s
  • Dam liners
  • Nails and tapping screws

Solar dryer prices in Kenya

SizesMetallic dryerWooden dryerCapacity
1.5M X 1.5M X 80, 59,000.0045-60 KG
1.5M X 2M X 100, 68,000.0060-95 KG
2M X 2M X 120, 77,000.0090-100 KG
2M X 2M X 140, 89,000.00110-130 KG
2M X3M X 170, 120,000.00150-180 KG
2M X 3M X 200, 150,000.00190-250 KG
solar dryers for sale in Kenya

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