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Shade houses in Kenya are configurations built on metallic or wooden frames and then covered on the roof and walls using nets or other shading materials to protect the plants from strong sun rays. Shade houses can also protect plants grown under from strong winds and heavy downpours. Shade houses in Kenya are assembled and constructed manually by our team of qualified technicians.

Shade houses in Kenya

Our company stocks and supplies the best quality in terms of shade house materials supply, installations, repairs, and maintenance.

Uses of shade house ;

  • Raise crops that do not require high light intensity. Shade house is majorly constructed in areas that receive high temperatures and high radiations throughout the year.
  • Propagation units for plants.
  • Temporary storage of produce to reduce the field heat.
  • Grading as well as a sorting area for harvested produce.

Shade house in Kenya can be constructed in any terrain as long as the structure is well-designed for strength.

Shade houses Kenya was introduced by a group of professional crop scientists to solve the problem of scorching plants due to direct sunlight reaching the plants.

Some crops are highly sensitive to strong sunlight as well as high temperatures. Shade house in Kenya has helped farmers raise sensitive plants like flowers to account for their investment as the shade house structure is designed to reflect the strong sun rays promoting optimal growth for improved vigour and quality.

Hortitechno is one of the leading manufacturers and suppliers of shade house materials in Kenya. We are dedicated to offering the best services to meet our customer’s needs and desires in terms of the construction and maintenance of shade in Kenya. Our materials are manufactured from sources that ensure the longevity of the shade house constructed.

Shade houses in Kenya are supplied, installed, and maintained by the hortitechno company. The company also installs shade houses in other regions of east Africa due to the referrals we receive from our happy clients. Hortitechno stocks a variety of shading materials of all colours and thicknesses depending on the shade house to be constructed.

Shade houses in Kenya designs

Shade houses in Kenya vary in terms of design, frame materials, and the type of shading material used. Our team of experts is well conversant with all climatic regions of Kenya to advise the farmers on the best suitable shade net to adopt for their region.

Shade houses in Kenya are majorly installed in hot and dry areas to create a micro-climate that improves the quality of grown plants. They are usually used to raise leafy vegetables like kale, spinach, flowers, tomatoes and capsicum.

Hortitechno agronomists are highly trained and experienced to advise the farmers on all the crop management and technical support under shade houses in Kenya.

Shade houses in Kenya are modern technology in agriculture that ensures food security and improved quality of produce. At hortitechno, our shade houses are designed to last for more than 4 years giving the farmer enough time to plan cropping systems in multiple seasons.

Shade houses in Kenya are increasingly replacing outdoor farming in hot and dry areas that had problems of crop failure due to hot temperatures and drought. However, shade house farmers in Kenya should ensure that they have enough water for irrigation to support the crops during the dry season. Hortitechno is an equal advice partner in areas of irrigation for shade houses in Kenya.

We are willing and ready to offer our services to farmers interested in shade houses in Kenya and across our borders. Feel free to contact or visit our offices in Kisumu or Nairobi.

Other uses include;

  • Grafting units.
  • Propagation of plants.
  • Protection of plants against pests, rain, and sun.
  • Shade houses in Kenya have been widely used to raise grafts and raise plants until they heal and pick up.

Grafted plants require cool temperatures to aid union healing and progress hence the need for a shade house. Similarly, shade houses in Kenya, just like greenhouse insect net, helps in protecting the crops from insect pest and other intruders by a barricade for such entry.

Shade house materials in Kenya include wooden or metallic frames, nets, or any other shading materials and screws. The materials are available for sale in our offices at affordable prices. For quality materials and installation of shade in Kenya, feel free to partner with Hortitechno, we never disappoint. Our services are exemplary leaving a smiling face on our clients.

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