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      Rain hose kit in Kenya | quality and affordable. +245723053026.


 Rain hose kit in Kenya;quality and affordable,+245723053026
Rain hose kit in Kenya;quality and affordable,+245723053026

Rain hose kit is the new system of doing overhead irrigation, which is meant to replace sprinkle irrigation since it is affordable it has become a Kenyan alternative solution and the best option compared to the system of irrigation.Rain hose use technology called nanotechnology to punch and create small holes in the rain hose pipes.

Advantages of rain hose irrigation

  • The main reason is that rain hose system is cheap and affordable.
  • They’re easy to maintain at the same time it’s maintenance cost is relatively low compared to another system of irrigation.
  • During the process of irrigation it covers a wide area of up to 7M  radii compared to other systems of irrigation, despite all these advantages still there are some crops you cannot use this rain hose system to irrigate, such as tomatoes, peas, papers and many more, because they are easily attacked by fungal infections which are predisposed by a witty leaf of the crops.

Components of rain hose kit

  • Mainline which is either PVC pipe or HDPE pipe.
  • People may consider using ppr as the main conveyor.
  • The main pipe are tributaries which water jets from to the row of plants,  tributaries are bonded to the main line using specially barbed connectors which are mainly there to enhance the tight gripping of rain hose.
  • End cup- which is put up to cork the system, with corking the system it prevents further flow of water or leakages, all these are made of strong plastics which makes it strong and durable.

Rain hose system of irrigation is manufactured in that the pipe measure 100M or 50M long, using nanotechnology it is punched along its length-determined intervals to perforate the pipe for water emission,  after installing all these kits and you must consider several factors before you put it into use.

Factors to consider before using a rain hose kit

  1. The very first measure is to ensure that the field to be irrigated is plain and free from debris.
  2. Ensure that you have a water pump with the ability to accumulate pressure of up to above 30 meters.
  3. Use the right punching tools to make a desirable hole on the main line to enable fixing of rain hose take off.
  4. Professionalism must be applied in punching holes to ensure there is no leakage and pressure loss during irrigation after the mainline layout run the rain hose pipe across the mainline to the end of the land to irrigate.

When you buy a rain hose system it comes in different parts and these parts are what we call the kits or components every part of a rain hose has its use, as I mentioned above you should be very carefull in handling them because when you break one it won’t be complete and when it is not complete it will be something else different from rain hose system.

Seek advice and contact experts when you don’t know to install all these kits, because when wrongly installed it won’t work, also be aware that you can get fake products when you don’t contact genuine dealers of these rain hose system of irrigation, such as hortitechno which is known for the past ten years to be the leading company supplying rain hose kits and installing them in Kenya.

Although, have it in mind that this system of irrigation, which is rain hose require a lot of water for it to work efficiently therefore when choosing on it ensure that your   water  source can’t dissappear and your water pump must be able to generate alot of pressure of above 30 m per hour.

Hortitechno company is one of the leading companies dealing with agricultural equipment and products, they only supply quality products to their buyer, they deal with all the kits for different methods of irrigation, they are also the leading installers of rain hose systems of irrigation in Kenya contact them to get you rain hose kits today anywhere you are today at affordable price.

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