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Rain hose irrigation Vs drip irrigation comparison is a challenge to many farmers. Rain hose irrigation is the new system of overhead irrigation designed to replace the sprinkle irrigation method it is easy to maintain as its punch holes are made using nanotechnology, to ensure there is uniformity in water flow while drip irrigation is a system of irrigation where water and nutrients are delivered directly to crop root, it’s water efficient since it does not require a high amount of water, it delivered water at the right amount and the right time when crops require it. It therefore, saves water compared to rain hose systems of irrigation which requires a high amount of water to be effective.

Rain hose irrigation systems is a method of irrigation that works in a novel way of vigorously watering plants or crops, the main kit is a 100M long pipe, punched using nanotechnology to small holes through which crops are watered while drip irrigation works differently despite the fact both are irrigation system, drip irrigation works in a way that water and nutrients are delivered directly to the plants root through pipes called drip line and on the driplines there are small holes called drippers this small holes called drippers are made in a way that they can deliver water and nutrients uniformly.

Rain hose irrigation systems can only be used to irrigate given types of crops such as vegetables, cabbages, fruit, and many more this is because some crops are easily affected by fungal infections predisposed by wet leafs such as tomatoes, potatoes, peas, and many more, while drip irrigation can be more effective on crops such tomatoes, potatoes peas and many other to avoid fungal infections predisposed by a wet leaf of these crops.

Difference between rain hose irrigation vs drip irrigation

  • However, we have to accept this truth that the price of rain hose irrigation system is cheaper compared to the price of installing drip lines, the cost of installing drip irrigation is almost twice the price of installing rain hose irrigation system per acre.
  • Rain hose requires a high amount of pressure, compared to drip irrigation methods, nanotechnology is used to drench holes in the rain hose pipe while the drip line has got what we call an emitter on that point you can now see that there are two different technology applied on each method of irrigation.
  • Rain hose irrigation system is very fast in watering crops as it can just take ten minutes to water a bigger portion of land, and the same cannot apply to drip irrigation, as the name suggests drips line are very slow in watering plants since it’s delivered droplets of water within a given period hence time-consuming, diameters of the pipes used in rain hose have a minimum of 25mm per3/4, while that of drip tapes is 8 mm
  • When it comes to the durability of all these systems of irrigation one would prefer to use rain hose irrigation system since it kits are made of strong plastic which can stay for a longer period.
  • Many Kenyan farmers do not want to spend much on their farms especially beginners since there is insufficient capitation, and therefore, in that case, the rain hose irrigation system is their choice since it’s affordable and easy to maintain in case of any problem one can maintain at a personal level while you cannot apply the same on drip irrigation since it’s installation cost is too high and it’s maintenance also needs an expert.

Similarity between rain hose irrigation vs drip irrigation

  • Both rain hose and drip systems of irrigation are suitable for irrigation in an open field. Although ,on any type of crops a farmer has to be guided by an irrigation expert and agronomist on the type of irrigation to take effect depending on the type of crops grown in the farm due to high pressure and a large amount of water output by rain hose system of irrigation it’s not suitable for use in a greenhouse since it can course flooding when not handled with care. Hortitechno produce and services company are very keen and always advising their client appropriately on the best irrigation to use because the success of a farmer is always their pride, are also the leading suppliers and installers of both the two irrigation system which are rain hose and drip irrigation kits at an affordable price, at hortitechno we honor the agreement and satisfy our customer wants.

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