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Rain hose irrigation price is affordable in Kenya . Its easy to install , durable and flexible. Hortitechno offers the best price for rain hose in Kenya, compared to other irrigation systems such as drip-line irrigation systems or sprinklers. However, much it is one the most modern technology used in doing overhead irrigation this has not changed its price or it hasn’t made it very much expensive compared to drip line irrigation system.

Advantages of rain hose irrigation price.

  • There are several features which makes it’s less expensive compared to another system of irrigation;
  • At first a rain hose system of irrigation is easy to install, with this feature it does not require a lot of technical know-how, on how to install it and maintaining   this helps so much in price reduction hence making it the most affordable systems of irrigation.
  • Rain hose system of irrigation is highly portable and therefore you don’t need   many of them to irrigate a large track of land this feature also help in cost reduction since you only need to spend your money on a few of them to irrigate a large truck land hence you can easily move it from one place to another.
  • Another unique feature is that rain hose irrigation systems can withstand high pressure hence can irrigate an area within laser minute of 10, the technology applied in making the punches to ensure there is uniform flow of water is cheap hence it helps in reducing the price of rain hose irrigation system.

Disadvantages of rain hose irrigation price

  1. Even though the price of a rain hose system of irrigation is relatively cheap;
  2. It can not be the only solution for many farmers, since it is not suitable for use on some crops such as tomatoes, potatoes, beans, papers, beans, and chilies since they easily succumb to foliage fungal infections predisposed by wet leaf surface, in this situation a farmer will be forced not to consider the price of rain hose system however much it is cheap and affordable and to choose over the drip line irrigation which only water the root of a plant.
  3. Another disadvantage of using rain hose system is that it cannot be used in areas with the high acceleration of wind,   so it’s only suitable and recommendable to a farmer who wants to grow crops such as vegetables, trees, fruits, pasture, and legumes.

Factors to consider when choosing rain hose irrigation price.

  1. The price of a rain hose system of irrigation depends on several factors the very;
  2. First factor is the source of the materials used.
  3. The standard of the materials used.
  4. The acreage to be irrigated.
  5. The company contracted to deliver services may be charged low or high according to the terms of contract and agreements,  still, rain hose system of irrigation remains to be the lowest and affordable, and to confirm and to be sure you can visit hortitechno produce and services, which is the leading supplier of rain hose kit and installer known in Kenya and East Africa as a whole, for instance, the cost installing a rain hose system range from 55000 per acre while the price of drip lines per acre range from 100, 000 per, from this you can now draw your conclusion that rain hose price is less expensive by almost 50%  than that of a drip.

There are other factors you can use to compare and contrast rain hose systems of irrigation to others such as. sprinkler, drip line, and many more,  rather than cost, for instance rain hose systems of irrigation can irrigate a larger area within a shorter time than drip since they can maintain pressure hence the output turn to be great, this makes the rain hose system of irrigation to be the best overhead irrigation method which is affordable and simple at the same time.

Rain hose irrigation price as I mentioned earlier varies from companies due to the terms of the contract a company and a client engaged into, with hortitechno produce and services we listen to our customers and care for their need, by giving them a discount  of up to a reasonable percentage, and sometimes we do offer after sell services especially when you order rain hose irrigation kits from us, you can as well order the rain hose irrigation kits and our experts too to help you with installation for you at a negotiable price, note that our products are of high quality and our prices are relatively low compared to other companies, we are the rain hose installer in Kenya.

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