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Rain hose irrigation price in Kenya is inexpensive compared to other irrigation systems such as drip line and sprinkler irrigation systems. this is because the nanotechnology applied to punch holes is not a complicated one. Rain hose irrigation is a new way of doing overhead irrigation almost replacing sprinkler irrigation in Kenya.

Rain hose irrigation kit

  • It is simple and most affordable considering that it has just some few kits joint together to be complete such as the;
  • End cap- which is used in closing the to prevent further flow of water or leakages.
  • Starter off-taker- they connect the rain hose pipe to the PVC or   HDPE main line that supply water to the rain hose from the water pumps or highly elevated tanks.
  • Third in the list is pipe connectors, which connect one rain hose to the other.
  • then lastly we have the mini valves which control water flow to the rain hose pipe, as you can observe, it only requires some few material or kit to be complete this is what makes it affordable in Kenya than any other system of irrigation .

Factors determining rain hose irrigation price in Kenya.

  1. Rain hose irrigation price in Kenya can be determined by using so many factors which include the;
  2. Acreage covered by crops on your farm or field, when you have a large tract of land covered by crops you will spend more than someone with a small parcel of land covered with crops.
  3. another determinant factor of the price of rain hose irrigation system in Kenya is a water source since this rain hose system of irrigation requires a large amount of water than any other systems of overhead irrigation definitely when you’re doing farming far from the river or lake you will spend more than someone who is doing farming near river and lakes.
  4.   another determinant factor of rain hose system of irrigation in Kenya is it’s maintenance and installation, as I mentioned earlier this system of rain hose irrigation is simple and easy to install, that’s why it is the most affordable system of irrigation than another system of irrigation such as drip irrigation and sprinkler, considering that it easy to maintain one can just learn to maintain it in few steps without spending so much experts to maintain it, 
  5. the most important determinant of price of rain hose system of irrigation in Kenya the quality of the material used to manufacture the kits, for instance someone may choose to use PVC simply because they are relatively cheap as compared to HDPE pipes, which are durable and a little bit expensive, but remember that cheap is expensive.

However, the installation cost of rain hose system of irrigation is also a determinant factor of price of this irrigation system, it will depend on the company contracted to install the rain hose irrigation system, some companies are so much exploitive and may take advantage of your ignorance about rain hose irrigation system and charge you more than expected, and there are companies which are very genuine in there price for installing a rain hose irrigation system, for example, one known company which has been installing this system of irrigation at an affordable price is hortitechno company in Kisumu,  they supply quality product and farm tool and their service rate is too fair.

Rain hose irrigation price in Kenya should, not worry a Kenyan farmer considering the type of the crops grown on the field, sometime it can force you to invest heavily on irrigation method to ensure you maximize profit from the crops grown for instance rain hose irrigation is not fit for every kinds of crops, there are crop which does not require overhead irrigation methods since they are easily affected by fungal infections pre disposed by wet leaf of the crops such tomatoes, beans, potatoes and pepper, in this case a farmer is advised to use other methods of irrigation which are more expensive than rain hose irrigation system such as drip irrigation.

Hortitechno produce and services is  the  leading company in Kenya which supplies rain hose kits, their team of experts and highly experienced professional they are also ready to offer you installation service at an affordable price. Order  from us and we will deliver on time, we honor agreement and do exactly as our customer want.

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