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Rain hose irrigation in Kenya.
Rain hose irrigation in kenya

Rain hose irrigation in Kenya is a new way of doing overhead irrigation to crops intensely under moderate pressure, where nanotechnology is used to create tiny holes from which crops are irrigated.

pipes are perforated at intervals, and it is easy to install and maintain making it cheap and affordable compared to other systems of irrigation such as drip irrigation.

Advantages of rain hose irrigation in Kenya:

  1. First, it is cheap compared to another overhead irrigation system,
  2. It is easy to install, maintenance cost is very low,
  3. It covers a wide range, up to a 6-meter spray range
  4. Finally it requires low initial capital compared to another overhead system of irrigation

Generally a farmer should consider using this system of irrigation over others, but before using this system there are several factors you should keenly look into.

Factors to consider in rain hose irrigation installation.

  • The availability of water since it requires a large amount of water to work efficiently.
  • Another key factor is crop coverage, crop coverage s the total area covered by crops in your farm this will help in planning for the materials to be used in installing this system of irrigation on your farm.
  • another one is crop type, there are   some crops which does require this system of overhead irrigation due to fungal predisposed by leaf wetness
  • land topography must also be put into consideration since there must uniformity in the amount of pressure at every rain hose pipe

when all these factors are considered a farmer can go ahead with the project. Our team of highly experienced professionals is always there to advise Kenyan farmers appropriately on the correct system of irrigation to use on their crops, hortitechno company is the leading company in Kenya in installing rain hose irrigation systems. t is there for every single farmer.

Rain hose irrigation fittings

The rain hose system has some fittings with different purpose,

  • we have an end cap which is used to close the end of the pipe to prevent further flow of water during the irrigation process,
  • starter offtake: connects the rain hose pipe to the PVC or HDPE that supplies water to the drain hose from the water pump or high elevated water tank.
  • pipe connectors: connect one rain hose pipe to another rain hose pipe.
  • mini valves: to control water to the rain hose pipe

For rain hose irrigation kit system to work efficiently there some requirement which must be met scientifically such as the system requires a pressure of 30M and above, pump discharge rate must be 45 cubic liters per hour,  it must be able to irrigate from the opposite direction at a radius of 3M for 32pipe, 5M for 40mm pipe and 7 M for the mm pipe, and then the vertical height of water jet must be 1M

Rain hose irrigation systems in Kenya can only be used in certain specific areas and on specific crops, such as crop nurseries, vegetables, forestry, and fruit trees, when choosing rain hose irrigation system ensure that you don’t use it on crops that are susceptibility to foliage fungal predisposed by wet leaf surface, such as tomatoes, potatoes, legumes, papers beans and many more.

In many cases people have to confuse rain hose system of irrigation with drip irrigation, not knowing that even though they are all systems of irrigation it doesn’t mean they have similar features at first rain hose system of irrigation is an overhead fashion while drip is irrigating roots zone, drip lines do not require a large amount of water, while rain hose requires a large amount of water, rain hose requires high pressure than drip line, and lastly, rain hose is relatively cheaper in installing compared to the drip line.

Hortitechno produce and services are the leading supplier and installer of rain hose irrigation system in Kenya, and the whole of East and central Africa, our offices are located at Utawala and the other at Kisumu, our services are the best and most affordable as our team of highly experienced professional are ready to serve you, and to help you realize your dream of becoming a successful farmer in Kenya. Hortitechno gives you exactly what you want , place your order today we are at your service.

Hortitechno greenhouses as one of the best irrigation companies in Kenya sources the rain hose irrigation kit from the best rain hose manufacturers. Hortitechno does rain hose for one acre and also small scale farmers in Kenya.

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