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  Rain hose for one acre


Rain hose for one acre irrigation system is a new way of watering crops under moderate pressure. each rain hose has a 100M long pipe as the main accessory, and nanotechnology is used in punching or perforating small holes at intervals from which the crops are watered, other components of rain hose system include end cap which is used to close ends of the rain hose pipe to avoid the further flow of water or leakage, the other components are starter off-taker, and pipe connector which is used to join two rain hose pipe.

Rain hose irrigation systems for one acre according to hortitechno produce and services uses 800M of 32mm of rain hose pipe, 600M of 40mm, pipes, and 400M of 50mm pipes, this component are then connected procedurally as I am explaining below, first lay the main line,  this is the pipe that delivers water to the whole farm the pump ensure that you mainline is larger than the rain hose pipe,  then you move to the second step where you make insertion on the mainline and you join it with the off-taker connector, the third step is hose connection were you the rain hose pipe to the off-take,  the fourth step is to use the connector to join one rain hose to another rain hose pipe, and the very last step is to close the end of pipes using caps to ensure there is no further flow of water.

Rain hose irrigation system can be very effective on the one-acre farm since it is an overhead method of irrigation a farmer must just decide to grow crops on his or her one acre of land which is suitable with this system of irrigation which is rain hose, the crops a farmer should consider growing on his one-acre farm are as follows, vegetables, fruits trees, and forestry since it is not recommended to the crop which is very sensitive to a fungal infection which is predisposed by wet leaf, such crops are tomatoes, potatoes, pepper, peas, green beans, and chili, so before a farmer chooses on rain hose irrigation system on his one acre of land he or she must seek advice from irrigation experts and agronomist before he or she orders irrigation kits from any company.

One acre of land is big enough for a farmer to do investment in agribusiness, and therefore a farmer must be dedicated enough, even if it is to do heavy investment in irrigation, so long as there is a source of water with enough water, the reason as why am saying this is to create an awareness for you that rain hose irrigation system needs a lot of water for it to be effective, and the following measure must be taken into consideration to realize profit while using a rain hose system of irrigation in your one-acre farm, the system requires a pressure of an above 30M, ensure you pump discharge rate is reaching 45cubic liters per hour, and also be aware the rate of water discharge is determined by the diameter size, and the number of holes on the main pipe, and lastly it’s irrigated from the opposite at a radius of 3M for the 32mm and 5M for 40mm pipe.

Remember that a rain hose irrigation system the n a one-acre farm is very affordable and easy to install and maintain, this makes it to be cheapest modem irrigation system, as during the maintenance of the already installed rain hose you don’t even need an expert to maintain it, you can always do it by yourself without spending any amount, another advantage which gives you a reason as why you should go for rain hose irrigation system is that in less than ten minutes it can irrigate a large area of land, this will make you spend less time when doing irrigation on your one-acre farm, there are two different qualities of rain hose irrigation kits, you can always decide by yourself the quality you need whether it is PVC or HDPE

With your one acre of land hortitechno produce and services, the leading company  known for the supply of agricultural equipment and irrigation kits can install your rain hose irrigation system at an affordable price, in hortitechno company we believe in the success of a farmer and we always make sure that we value your investment that’s why we honor any agreements with our farmers.

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