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Wooden greenhouses in Kenya | Quality 1


The wooden greenhouse is a wooden frame structure covered with polythene and insect net to create a favorable microclimate for plant production.

Advantages of wooden greenhouses

  • The greenhouses enhance the quality of vegetable production
  • Increase vigor in the growth of vegetables
  • Protect the plant from harmful weather
  • Reduce growth time by 20 %
  • Drip irrigation technology in Greenhouses helps in Minimising water usage by 40%.
  • Reduces the use of chemicals by 80 % hence minimum residue to the crop.
  • Reduce usage of fertilizer since there is no runoff
  • The use of mulching paper in greenhouses reduce weed growth




Specification of wooden greenhouses

Wooden greenhouses

  1. Wooden frame
  2. Greenhouse film for top covering
  3. Anti insect nets to promote ventilation
  4. Joined with nails
  5. Reinforced with a wall pass
  6. Comes with a Drip kit and water tank
  7. Spray and feeding program
  8. Seeds and chemicals
  9. installation and training
  10. Inbuilt crop support

Sizes of wooden greenhouses

  • 8 m by 15 m                  500 plants
  • 8 m by 24 m                 700 plants
  • 8 m by 30 m                 1000 plants
  • 16 m by 30 m               2000 plants
  • 24 m by 30 m               3000 plants

Uses of wooden greenhouses

  • Crop production
  • Fish Production
  • Drying of vegetables
  • Insect production

Wooden greenhouses compared to metallic greenhouse output is the same. The difference is that a metallic greenhouse is relatively expensive and a wooden greenhouse is fairly priced.

Wooden greenhouses materials are locally and readily available hence making them cheaper and quicker to make.

At hortitechno greenhouses, we make customized greenhouses according to the client’s needs and different weather patterns or climates.

We do greenhouses from the small sizes of 8 m by 6 m to acres of land. Our greenhouses are also strong to provide stable support for trellising of vines plants like tomatoes, capsicum, and cucumber.



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