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shade nets in Kenya | Best quality material 55%-75%

Shade nets are important to plants as they allow them to grow in the best conditions that favor their optimum growth.
How long do shade nets last? A shade cloth can last for 10-20 years. However, it’s longevity depends on the fabric used, climate, angle of installation, method of installation, shape, tension, and proximity to other structures among others.
Hortitechno company offers you the best shade cloth prices in Kenya.
Where to buy shadenets in Nairobi. We supply shade nets all over the country.
Do shade cloths reduce heat in the greenhouse?
Black shadenets are the best as they tend to reduce up to 40%-50% of solar inside a shade house.

Shade nets in Kenya are woven materials made of fabric that are used to construct a shaded house that provides shade to plants from harsh weather conditions.

Types of shade nets shadings

  • 30 % shading
  • 50 ℅ shading
  • 70 ℅ shading
  • 90℅ shading

Shade-nets colours and dimensions

Shade-net comes in two colours green and black colours. The standard width is 4 meters while the length is 50 meters and 100 meters.

Factors to consider when choosing shade-nets

There are factors to be considered before choosing a shade net in Kenya that suits your needs. 60% nets are best for vegetable crop nurseries as the crop is very tender and vulnerable to heat stress.

75% of nets are used in fruit trees or forestry nurseries because the plants are more tolerant to heat.

The choice of using 30% or 55% shade cloth during the hardening stage depends on the state of the seedlings, and the climatic conditions. How much are shade cloths in Kenya? Shade nets are woven materials made of fabric that are used to construct a greenhouse that shades plants from harsh weather conditions. Shade cloths from hortitechno cost as low as Kes75 per square metre.

Does shade cloth reduce heat? Shade cloth prevents sunlight from reaching the plant directly.

Shade nets in Kenya are used to protect plants from sunburn and to keep them cooler. Shade cloth reduces temperature by 6 degrees Celsius or more depending on the percentage of the material used.


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