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planting trays in Kenya| strong 66-288 cells


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Where to buy seedling trays in Kenya? Hortitechno is the leading seed tray suppliers in Kenya. We deliver seedling trays in Nairobi an all over Kenya.

How much are planting trays in Kenya? Hortitechno is known for the best seedling tray prices in Kenya.

When should I use seedling trays? The use of planting trays for seedling production is a common practice in modern agriculture.Using seedling trays ensures that farmers produce uniform, vigorous, and healthy seedlings which allow for field planting without disturbing the root system. 

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Planting / harvesting notes


Planting trays have  capacities of 50 cells, 66cells, 78cells, 128cells, 200cells and 288cells, with a dimensions of 11” width by 21.22” length. They are suitable for seeds of vegetable such as coriander, tomatoes, onions, coriander etc.

Do seed starting trays have drainage holes? They have hole at the bottom to allow aeration and to prevent root rot that may be caused by excessive water on the roots.

What are the best seedling/ planting trays? Germination trays/Seedling trays from Hortitechno are U.V treated to protect them from being damaged by harsh sun rays.

Seed keeping notes

  • Days to maturity: 60
  • Seeds per pack: 125-150
  • Germination rate: 70% on 02/13/2023

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