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Rain Gun Sprinkler | 30-50 M Powerful spray


Rain gun sprinkler in Kenya. The rain gun is a powerful sprinkler disseminating water in a radius of 10-40 m. Hortitechno provides quality rain guns that are durable. Our rain Guns are made of strong metal and plastic.

The Sprinklers are used to irrigate Leafy vegetables like kales, managu, Clotolaria. The rain gun saves water by 40 percent. It also saves time and labor since one person can irrigate a big area.


Specification of Rain gun sprinklers.

  • Made of metal and plastic
  • Spray diameter between 8m- 35 m radius
  • Pump powered
  • Connected to  Pipe of 1 inch to 2 inch

Uses in irrigating

  • Leafy Vegetables
  • Lawn Grass


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