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Planting bags Kenya | Reusable for 3 seasons| Strong quality

How long do grow bags last? Grow bags can last up to 3 seasons, but with good care, they can last longer.

What do you put under grow bags? For the best results from a grow bag, add a third of moss, a third of compost mixture, and a third vermiculite. This mixture retains moisture and is very important for gardening. You can also mulch your grow bags with wood cuttings just like you would in the garden.
Can I use garden soil in grow bags? Garden soil contains to clay which retains water and prevents it from reaching the roots of the plant, it should not be used therefore.
How often should you water a grow bag?Grow bags are well aerated and they tend to dry faster, it is therefore best to eater them once a day.
Planting bags are planter filled with a growing medium and used for growing plants.

Planting bags for vegetables such as tomatoes or other salad crops. Initially they were made of plastic but are presently made of fabric.

Planting bags for sale in Kenya- At Hortitechno, we sell planting  bags online at affordable prices.
Do plants grow better in planting bags? When the right procedure is followed grow bags tend to give the best results when used for planting.

Which grow bag is best? Hortitechno grow bags fabric is pressed together which increases their durability.


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