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insect nets in Kenya (best for ventilation mesh)


What is the mesh size of insect nets?
Insect-proof netting with an 80-mesh size provided a 98.4% level of protection against Bemisia tabaci. Considering ventilation, 80-mesh netting is more suitable than 100-mesh or 60-mesh netting for field use.Insect net for gardening
Insect nets for greenhouse

Aimed at isolating crops or creating micro-parcels, our nets prevent the pollination of plants by anemophily (wind) and entomophily (insect). They create a physical barrier against insects: flies, aphids, thrips and whitefly depending on the mesh size selected.


Insect nets description
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They are used to prevent entry of insect pests inside a greenhouse or a net house and thereby preventing crop damage.It is covered with UV-stabilised insect-proof net of 40–50 mesh for effective control of pests and diseases. The minimum size of insect-proof net house is 100 sq m.

What is shade net house?
A Shade house is a structure enclosed by agro-nets or any other woven material to allow required sunlight, moisture and air to pass through the gaps. It creates an appropriate micro climate conducive to the plant growth. It is also referred as shade net house or net house.



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