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HDPE pipes in Kenya
hdpe pipes strong PN8-PN12.5 | 16-300mm



hdpe pipes strong PN8-PN12.5 | 16-300mm


High density polyethylene  commonly known as HDPE pipes systems have been used for municipal and industrial water applications for over 50 years. With a life span of up to 60 years, these pipes are slowly replacing metal pipes which were prone to corrosion.

These pipes are strong and rigid thus they can be buried under ground.

Which company HDPE pipe is best?

Hortitechno has gained a distinctive popularity in the market as one of the best HDPE pipes and fittings companies in Kenya. We supply cutting-edge plastic potable water transportation as well as irrigation system products.


HDPE pipes classes:

HDPE pipe can be classified according to the material used such as- PE100, PE80, PE63, PE40 or PE32.
  • PE 32 – low pressure piping systems.
  • PE 40 – low pressure piping systems.
  • PE 63 – medium pressure piping systems – irrigation system – drinking water connections.

The chart below shows various hdpe pipes sizes in terms of thickness, diameter and weight.

Minimum wall thicknessAverage inside diameterAverage weight



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