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greenhouse polythene
Greenhouse polythene (1000 gauge extra strong quality)



Greenhouse polythene (1000 gauge extra strong quality)


What are Hortitechno greenhouse polythene made of?

Durable low density polyethylene material for superior clarity, strength and toughness, they are weather-resistant, tear-proof and they provide higher light transmission for plant photosynthesis.

Our greenhouse polythene are UV resistant for prolonged sun exposure and creates an optimum greenhouse environment
Protect plants and crops from the bad weather & enjoy longer growing seasons
Clean film with soap and water to prolong the life of the film
Grower solution creates optimum environment for flowers and ornamental plants.


 Greenhouse polythene specifications:
Material: LDPE
Dimension: 4.5m (W)
Thickness: 0.08 mm / 8 mil / 200 micron
Weight:  45kg per 50m roll

Diffused multi-layered greenhouse cover. The film contains special UV stabilizers with improved chemical resistance compared to standard stabilizers.
Falling Dart Impact – 1000g
Total light transmission – 85%
Light diffusion – 65%
Thermicity – 50%
UV blocking – 95% (FTIR – 350 nm)
Chemical Sulphur – 1000ppm / 3 years
Chemical Chlorine – 100ppm / 3 years


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