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Greenhouse polythene in Kenya |New quality | 0723053026


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Looking for high-quality greenhouse polythene in Kenya at an affordable price? Hortitechno Greenhouses offers a wide range of greenhouse polythene sheeting products for sale that are specifically designed to withstand harsh Kenyan weather conditions.

Our greenhouse polythene in Kenya provides excellent UV resistance, durability, and insulation to ensure your plants are healthy and thriving year-round. Contact us today to learn more about our greenhouse polythene sheet price in Kenya and how we can help you grow more productive plants.

What are Hortitechno greenhouse polythene in Kenya made of?

Durable low density polyethylene material for superior clarity, strength and toughness, they are weather-resistant, tear-proof and they provide higher light transmission for plant photosynthesis.

Our greenhouse polythene in Kenya are UV resistant for prolonged sun exposure and creates an optimum greenhouse environment
Protect plants and crops from the bad weather & enjoy longer growing seasons
Clean film with soap and water to prolong the life of the film
Grower solution creates optimum environment for flowers and ornamental plants.

How to Install Greenhouse Polythene and Its Uses in Kenya

Greenhouse Polythene – A Must-Have for Your Greenhouse

  • Provides essential protection against harsh weather conditions
  • Increases yield and enhances plant growth
  • Saves on heating costs during colder months
  • Acts as a barrier against pests and insects


Installation Process of Greenhouse Polythene in Kenya

Step 1: Prepare the Greenhouse Frame

  • Clean the frame and ensure it is dry
  • Repair any damage or loose fittings/ profile and w-wire
  • Remove any debris or obstacles in the area

Step 2: Measure the Polythene

  • Measure the length and width of the greenhouse frame
  • Add an extra 2 feet to the length and width to allow for proper fitting and overlapping

Step 3: Attach the Polythene to the Frame

  • Secure the polythene to the end hoops of the greenhouse
  • Stretch the polythene to fit the other end and secure it with clips or ropes
  • Make sure there are no wrinkles or bubbles

Step 4: Secure the Polythene to the Ground

  • Dig a trench around the perimeter of the greenhouse
  • Secure the polythene into the trench
  • Cover the edges with soil to hold it in place

Uses of Greenhouse Polythene in Kenya

  1. Ideal for growing a wide range of crops such as tomatoes, cucumbers, and flowers
  2. Protects plants from extreme weather conditions such as heavy rain and strong winds
  3. Helps regulate temperature and humidity levels within the greenhouse
  4. Offers a cost-effective alternative to glass or plastic panels

Get in Touch with Hortitechno Greenhouses

  • Contact us for more information on greenhouse polythene price, greenhouse polythene for sale, and polythene sheet price in Kenya.
  • Let us help you choose the right greenhouse polythene for your needs
  • Get assistance with installation and maintenance services for your greenhouse.


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Planting / harvesting notes


Greenhouse Polythene in Kenya – Hortitechno Greenhouses

  • Specifically designed for Kenyan climates
  • Provides superior UV resistance, durability, and strength
  • Perfect for growing fruits, vegetables, flowers, and other plants
  • Advanced design and construction for high resistance to tearing and puncturing
  • Provides excellent insulation to keep greenhouse warm during cooler months

Wide Range of Products

  1. Offers a range of greenhouse polythene products to suit any application
  2. From small hobby greenhouses to large commercial operations
  3. Expert team of technicians to help choose the right product
  4. Provides installation and maintenance services to keep greenhouse in top condition

Greenhouse polythene specifications:

Material: LDPE
Dimension: 4.5m (W)
Thickness: 0.08 mm / 8 mil / 200 micron
Weight:  45kg per 50m roll


  • Diffused multi-layered greenhouse cover. The film contains special UV stabilizers with improved chemical
  • Resistance compared to standard stabilizers.
  • Falling Dart Impact – 1000g
  • Total light transmission – 85%
  • Light diffusion – 65%
  • Thermicity – 50%
  • UV blocking – 95% (FTIR – 350 nm)
  • Chemical Sulphur – 1000ppm / 3 years
  • Chemical Chlorine – 100ppm / 3 years

Contact Hortitechno Greenhouses Today

Learn more about greenhouse polythene products
Grow healthier, more productive plants in Kenya

Seed keeping notes

  • Days to maturity: 60
  • Seeds per pack: 125-150
  • Germination rate: 70% on 02/13/2023

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