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fogger irrigation system in Kenya : For powerful misting 1 bar

Fogger irrigation definition:

The fogger irrigation system used with the purpose of cooling the environment in a short period of time is preferred with the aim of ensuring the moisture requirement of the plants especially in the greenhouse.
This system reduces indoor temperature in greenhouses. In addition, the moisture required for the plant is provided
Is a fogger irrigation good for plants?
Foggers are recommended for plants that are susceptible to root disease, propagation of seeds and non-rooted cuttings.
This is because fogger irrigation are better for controlling and building humidity, and keeping the root area and leaves moist, without completely saturating the soil.
What does a foggers do in a greenhouse?

uses of a fogger irrigation

In a nutshell, a greenhouse fogger irrigation helps a greenhouse by maintaining the ideal environment for the plants inside. For instance, if the humidity levels are low, the plants will not conduct photosynthesis effectively, leading to a low yield.

In practice, most fogger irrigation produce particles in the 10–30-micron range.

By contrast, electrostatic sprayers typically produce particles in the range of 65-85 microns. Sprayers with multiple settings, like Victory Innovations sprayers, may produce particles as small as 40 microns and as large as 160 microns.

How often should I mist my greenhouse?
I find that seeds only need a good long misting once a day at the most.
The soil just needs to be thoroughly moist and soil will often stay that way for several days depending on conditions, of course, in that sunnier warmer weather the soil will dry out faster.
The best time to water a greenhouse, as with plants grown in the garden, is first thing in the morning.
This will give the plants time to dry out. You can also water late in the evening to reduce evaporation, but this may mean your plants aren’t totally dry before the sun goes down.


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