Dam liners | Quality 0.3 mm – 1.5 mm


Dam liner

Dam liner is an impermeable flexible geo-membrane used in lining of pond and dams to prevent water loss by seepage.

Dam liner uses in Kenya has been extended to use in gutter to collect water. We provide quality and durable dam liners from 0.3 mm,0.5 mm,0.8 mm and  1 mm.

Dam liners water holding capacity in price comparison with the tank is relatively affordable.



Durable dam liner


  • Durable and u.v stabilized
  • Last up to 12 years
  • Flexible
  • Black in Color


  • 7 m width by 100 meters  length
  • 0.5 mm,0.8 mm,1 mm,1.5 mm thickness

Uses of dam liners

  • Fish pond lining
  • Dam lining
  • Solar driers
  • Raised pond lining
  • greenhouse gutters
  • Underground tank lining


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