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Strong Anti Insect net


Insect net

Insect net is important in the agricultural sector. Insect net technology has been used in Israel and Netherlands to protect plants from hailstones and insects.

At hortitechno we supply the best insect net in Africa. Our nets are durable and can be used for wide ranges of crop protection and integrated pest management.

plants grown in insect-covered structures are of better quality and have vigor and uniformity. The greenhouse uses polythene and a net for ventilation and protection.

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Quality insect net in Kenya.

Insect net

Specification of insect nets

  • white
  • small geo net pores
  • Durable and u.v stabilized

Measurement of insect nets

  • 2.5 meters by 100 meters
  • 3 meters by 100 meters
  • 5 meters by 100 meters
  • 2.5 meters by 50 meters
  • 3 meters by 50 meters

Use of insect net in Kenya.

  • Greenhouses ventilation
  • Net houses
  • Solar drier shelf

Quality insect nets in Kenya


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