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  Metallic greenhouse in Kenya


Metallic greenhouse in Kenya is a metal framed house that is covered with UV-treated polythene and net to allow circulation of air which provides the plant with a favorable microclimate for the plant to achieve optimal growth. the reason why it’s being covered with UV-treated polythene is to help in the regulation of heat and cold again its help in controlling pests and diseases, this ensures there is uniformity in growth and quality products which are easy to market and can maximize more profit compared to when you’re doing open field farming, which easily attacked by pests and diseases, hence yield low profit.

The metallic greenhouse is one of the best greenhouses one should have since it has so many advantages, it can stand strong wind this help in increasing farmers’ trust, metallic greenhouse has a long life span compared to wooden greenhouses it can last for at least 6 six years, again metallic greenhouses can easily be transported since it can be broken into parts when being transported, at hortitechno company we ensure that we deliver construction material at the site within the required time at zero.

There are several factors one should consider before constructing a metallic greenhouse in Kenya first, one should consider the direction of the wind and strength of the wind one should consider the availability of water or water source for irrigation, accessibility, and security such as a fence, and the most important is soil sampling, with soil sampling it can help one knows the minerals available in the soil and even to know the best precautions to take before planting and even after planting, we as hortitechno company we can assure you that we always consider all these and that’s why we are the leading company Kenya.

In Kenya, metallic greenhouse sometimes seems to be very expensive considering that the larger population of Kenyan farmers are poor and cannot afford them but those who can afford them should give them priority since it’s durable and easy to transport and at hortitechno company has a solution for everybody and anybody who may want to construct a metallic greenhouse anywhere in Kenya,  considering that its installation is  not time-consuming depending on the size of the greenhouse,   there are the small sized greenhouses like  8m×15m, 8m×24m, and 8m×30m these can take a maximum of 3 days to be complete with the larger projects can take more days to be constructed depending on the scope of the work to be done since its include different sizes of greenhouse which are of large sizes than the small size, they include 30m×80m, and 50m× 100m there are also different designs of a metallic greenhouse there is tunnel type which is a little bit cheaper they have a continuous curved roof to help in maintaining warmth mostly should constructed in cool areas or in areas which receives high amount of rainfall,  anothe design of a metallic greenhouse is vented type, they have ventillation on the rooftop, this to help in proper circulation air  help in avoiding excess heat withing the greenhouse preferably should be constructed in hot area or mid temperature, its a little bit expensive compared to the curved design.

However, there are different levels of treatment of metals used in constructing greenhouses in Kenya, we have two different types of steel that is galvanized and non-galvanized steel, galvanized type steel, does not rust hence it’s durable compared to non-galvanized steel which rusts very easily and at some point it requires regular painting, with aluminum paint to help it withstand rust, in hortitechno company we prefer galvanized steel because we value your investments and our aim is always to provide you with the quality materials and exemplary services at affordable price.

There are key components that come with the metallic greenhouses such as soil testing or sampling, metallic structure, polythene, insect net, drip kit, 1000litres tank, seeds, chemicals, knapsack sprayer, training, agronomist, installation, and transport, all these are done by our company and we always try to satisfy the need of our customers,  at hortitechno company we value the needs of our customers that’s why our materials are of high quality from the leading worldwide company, our team of professionals and experts are dedicated to providing you with exemplary services because we value your agribusiness investment, our price is an affordable and we horner agreements immediately you complete payments fees, we are always available and ready to reach our customers anywhere they are in Kenya and the whole of East African countries.

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