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Irrigation pipes in Kisumu | quality and affordable.+245723053026.

Irrigation pipes in Kisumu | quality and affordable.+245723053026.
Irrigation pipes in Kisumu | quality and affordable.+245723053026.

Irrigation pipes in Kisumu refer to plastic or metal hollow channels designed to supply water to either a drip line system or sprinklers to supply water to the plants to support their growth and vigour. Irrigation pipes come in different sizes forms, types, and lengths. Just to add but a few different irrigation pipes exist ranging from PVC, PPR, and HDPE.

These pipes vary in quality and performance due to specifications. Irrigation pipes in Kisumu include all three types of pipes. It should be noted that most of the irrigation pipes used currently are plastics due to the fact e hindering cost of metallic prices.

Generally, the cost of metallic pipes is higher than plastic ones due to the cost of manufacturing and availability. Irrigation pipes in Kisumu include even hose pipes, rain hoses, driplines, and PVC pipes. Our company stocks all types of pipes, with different sizes types, and length to meet the diverse customer requirements and industry demands.
Hortitechno company is based in Kisumu off Kakamega road. We are a one-stop shop for all irrigation material requirements, installation, and service provider in running and maintenance of irrigation designs adopted by farmers. We serve the entire Kisumu county and its environs with quality pipes used in irrigation to achieve our main aim of customer satisfaction and trust in us.

We have served the entire Kisumu county and its environs with our quality irrigation pipes of all forms, types, designs, and sizes. To meet our customers’ demands and needs, we make sure that thorough research is done to assess the production site, source of water, quality of water and the crops to be grown to decide on the type of pipes to be used. In Kisumu, we have received positive comments on the pipes we supply to customers, as we are a listening and caring partner constituting of highly specialized experts that give the farmers what is needed and when it is needed.

Hdpe pipes in kisumu

Types of irrigation pipes in kisumu.

  1. Irrigation pipes in Kisumu include, and are not limited to,
  2. PVC
  3. PPR
  4. Hose rain
  5. Driplines
  6. HDPE pipes. Although we recommend an irrigation system that is flexible, versatile, affordable, and easy to use and maintain, we are not rigid on customer desires and demand.

HDPE irrigation pipes in kisumu.

HDPE pipes are highly durable, resistant, and easy to install, fix and maintain. They are compatible with almost all types of pipes and connectors. HDPE is affordable, versatile, durable, and easy to maintain. Since most Kisumu farmers prefer professional and sustainable irrigation systems, service providers should be keen on providing the industry requirements which do not deviate from international standards of irrigation and watering. The HDPE pipes are part of the current technology that is concerned with the solution to the challenges faced earlier by the irrigation pipes that existed.

Similarly, due to the high demand for irrigation pipes in Kisumu, a permanent solution is key to ensure that accountability issues are well dealt with. The current technology requires that driplines, HDPE, and compatible pipes be used to achieve the main aim of irritating agriculture. In Kisumu, we have identified awareness programs, training, and mentorship workshops to provide knowledge to farmers about why they should adopt new technologies in irrigation.

Hose rain and driplines are some of the latest technologies in irrigation pipes in Kisumu and its environs. Hortitechno makes sure that the farmers get the materials when needed and have them immediately. Hose rain is affordable and requires minimal maintenance costs. This costs of irrigation is mostly suitable for leafy vegetables to ensure tenderness, vigour, and prolificacy. However, farmers should be keen to irrigate during the early morning or late in the evening while using horse rain to avoid water deposits on the leaf that may cause challenges of diseases and pests.

PCV irrigation pipes in kisumu.

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PVC pipes are part of the irrigation pipes available in Kisumu. They are cheap, and easy to install and maintain but, they are not durable. This type of pipe is available in our stores but HDPE is taking over due to its benefits. We do not discriminate against customers’ opinions and desires as well as the level of capital they intend to invest, but we always give the best advice regarding the quality of irrigation pipes to use in Kisumu.

Since Kisumu county is a hot and relatively dry climatic region pipes do not last for long due to their highly branched polymer nature. We recommend HDPE pipes, rain horses, and drip irrigation systems for sustainability and economical ventures. We have served and will continue to serve Kisumu county with quality pipes for irrigation to make our farmers happy and improve their businesses.

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