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HDPE Pipe Suppliers in Kisumu

HDPE pipe suppliers in Kisumu is done by hortitechno greenhouses at affordable prices. different sizes of Hdpe pipes are available and easily accessible in Kisumu thanks to Hortitechno produce and service company. Since the introduction of HDPE pipes in Kenya, farmers have shifted from ordinary pipes that were difficult to use and repair due to their inefficient structures. Farmers all over Kenya can now boast of a new technology of versatile, durable, and affordable pipes through the invention of thermoplastic polymer pipes also referred to as High-Density Polyethylene pipes. The HDPE pipes are found in different sizes and lengths depending on the client’s specifications. Hortitechno is a research and development-based company that is on top of the scale in researching, assessing, and utilizing economical and sustainable innovations to meet current dynamics and customer needs. We made sure that we are not left out in serving our clients with modern irrigation materials like HDPE pipes. Our stores are fully equipped with all sizes of HDPE pipes to make sure that we are up to date on our stocks.

In addition, in Kisumu, Kakamega, Kisii, Homabay, and Migori counties where we have quite a several clients, we have stores located in strategic and accessible areas where our customers can purchase all irrigation materials including HDPE pipes to serve their needs. We offer transportation and delivery services to our esteemed customers. Our services are offered physically by having farmers visit our offices or online through our website. Payment modes include Mpesa through our till number, bank transfers, Visa, Mastercard, soundwave, or through cash. Our payment modes are flexible to ensure the efficiency of doing business with our customers. Kisumu farmers can order directly from our office based on Patel flats, off Kakamega, or put an order on our website and have their packages delivered to destined locations. Kisumu county is rapidly growing with many farmers joining the business of vegetable and fruit production. Hortitechno is a worthy and equal partner as we understand our client’s needs and desires. Our team of experts and professionals is always in the field and research areas to either adopt new technologies or improve on the existing ones to make us a leading service provider.Looking for the best Rolex clone store? is a good choice!

We are currently the leading supplier of HDPE pipes in Kisumu and its environs. Our success in the industry has been attributed to the stocking of high-quality pipes, affordable prices, free deliveries, and good business culture. Our customer relations officers are also highly trained to guide and answer all questions and clarifications that the customers may need. We offer demos and examples to bring a real scenario of the performance of HDPE pipes, and how they are fitted and laid. Our irrigation experts walk with the farmer from the installation stages up to testing to justify our strengths and ability. We also offer follow-ups and repair services for leaking and default lines. We have a reputation from all the clients we have served around Kisumu and beyond for our exemplary services and for offering a listening and caring ear for our partners.

HDPE pipes have several advantages ranging from versatility, durability, and affordability. These types of pipes are highly resistant to any kind of resistance and can endure high temperatures without damage. HDPE pipes can be used in agricultural fields for irrigation, house piping, waste management, long-distance water supply, and multi-purpose options. These reasons qualify these for a wide range of applications and the ability to serve in a wide range of designs. HDPE has been approved by international certifying bodies like USDA, NSF, and FDA for their ability to last long and have a low maintenance cost. The pipes are highly resistant to corrosion, therefore chemicals and fertilizer solutions can be passed through without any challenge. Similarly, the pipes are easy to melt and recycle at high temperatures as they can be molded into different products like skating boards, marine boards, milk jugs, detergent containers, snowboards, cutting boards, and food and beverage containers. This quality is advantageous to farmers as they can resell their used pipes to recycling industries to receive payment.

Furthermore, HDPE pipes have a larger strength-density ratio ensuring that they can hold large gallons of water without any burst for a long time under high pressure. This is a very good quality for farmers that irrigate frequently as the maintenance cost is minimized. The polymer structure is fewer branches giving the pipes stronger tensile that can carry up to 8 pounds weight of any liquid across its crossection. In conclusion, our company urges the farmers to appreciate this technology and deviate from Low-Density Polyethylene which is less durable, versatile, and has a high long-lasting cost to achieve a sustainable means of irrigation.

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    Looking for transparent mulch paper
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