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HDPE pipes in Nairobi

Nairobi is the capital city of Kenya and a business hub for East and Central Africa, a lot of activities are expected as evident. There are so many companies selling and supplying irrigation materials and fittings. Due to the high demand and urgency of the services, farmers should be keen on where to buy their irrigation materials. Business is a free world where there are many players and each is unique in one way or another. Fraudsters also take advantage of suspecting clients to exploit them. There is also a challenge of buying substandard or fake goods due to a lack of proper knowledge from farmers regarding the best qualities or irrigation materials to purchase. Nairobi is one of the busiest towns in East Africa, it receives different goods from all over the world including HDPE pipes from different manufacturers, if precautions are not taken by farmers, they may end up buying low-quality pipes.

It is for the above reasons that prompted Hortitechno to set up an office in an area accessible to farmers around Nairobi and its outskirts. Our offices and stores are located in Utawala, Embakasi East Sub-County. The choice of the region was perfect to serve our farmers in all directions with ease and efficiency. Utawala is a secure and noble region as it is located in well structured and developed neighborhood. There are several roads to reach Utawala depending on the direction one is coming from. Generally, one can use the Eastern by-pass while traveling from Thika road to reach our offices. Clients coming from the town center can either use Jogoo Road or Mombasa Road. While people coming from Westlands can use the Southern bypass. The road network is efficient to enable our clients to access us easily as well as receive ordered goods wherever they are in good time.

We have been involved in selling and supply of irrigation materials for a long time,.but one thing that surprised our team of experts, was the introduction of HDPE pipes received by a massive force. Almost all farmers accepted this technology to replace the existing types of pipes installed in their irrigation channels. Affordability, versatility, low maintenance cost, and durability are some of the benefits that led to the huge adoption and success of these types of pipes. After a thorough investigation of the HDPE pipes by our team of highly experienced irrigation engineers, we concluded that the pipes were just like the specification and nothing less than the truth. HDPE pipes improved on the existing LDPE pipes due to their ability to hold huge volumes of water under high pressure. This is because the polymers used to make the pipes are less branched forming a strong tensile against any type of resistance. We immediately chose HDPE pipes for our designs and layout for their flexibility and compatibility with other pipes.

In addition, we recommend that HDPE pipes be used by our customers after expla explaining and showing them how beneficial the pipes are. We have since sold a huge stock of HDPE rolls to farmers in Nairobi and its outskirts. Our Nairobi office serves regions like Kikuyu, malaa, utawala, garrisa road, Ngong road, kitenge, Isinya, kajiado, oloitoktok, and other regions closer to Nairobi. We also have agents in making, Machakos, and kitui to serve the Eastern region. Kenya.  Our agents are also available in Major towns of central Kenya such as Nyeri, Muranga, kirinyaga, Embu, Meru, and Tharaka. Since we receive our pipes from manufacturers abroad in bulk, our location in Utawala offers a quick and easy way to reach JKIA and our godown on Mombasa road. We are always on time in terms of deliveries as we are strategically placed to ensure accessibility and timely deliveries.

Hortitechno company is one of the best in Kenya regarding HDPE outsourcing, delivery, installation, and maintenance follow-ups. We also help farmers in designing irrigation systems to suit their needs. We have been here for farmers to ensure they are always smiling with joy and satisfaction. We don’t just sell HDPE pipes, but we make sure that we deliver the right product for the right use. HDPE pipes are hardy, durable, and easy to fix and maintain, this is why we recommend it for Kenyan farmers who are keen on ensuring that their investments are economical, professional, profitable, and sustainable. Nairobi region and its environment are very conducive for agricultural activities due to rich soils and good weather. We urge farmers to invest in irrigated agriculture for food security and sustainability.

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