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HDPE pipes for sale in Kenya

HDPE pipes for sale in Kenya refer High-Density Polyethylene pipes made from Fluids. In other words, it is a thermoplastic polymer pipe with high versatility. HDPE pipes were first introduced in China to solve the autonomy challenge of the previously available pipes. Due to their versatility, HDPE pipes have been accepted and adopted worldwide. These pipes are generally flexible and hardy to suit various topographies, uses, and weather conditions. They are durable easy to fix and use. They exist in many sizes and lengths. HDPE pipes can be used vertically, horizontally, or in a slanted design. They can also be laid under or above the ground. These types of pipes are widely used in the agricultural sector for irrigation and fertigation due to their versatility and affordability. These many benefits that come with HDPE pipes prompted Hortitechno limited company to introduce this type of pipes to its clients and Kenyan farmers. Our greenhouses are fitted with HDPE pipes for irrigation as well as irrigation systems on outdoor designs.

Irrigation is a key beneficial factor in crop production. Successful farmers are keen on developing and implementing a functional and effective irrigation system to ensure that their crops receive enough amount of water regularly to solve the challenges associated with drought and optimize the growth of plants. Irrigation ensures optimal growth and yield of crops throughout the year. Drought affects plant performance, vigor, and yield due to water deficiency. Irrigated agriculture is the way to go to achieve a sustainable and profitable venture. Irrigated agriculture enables farmers to raise crops of all types and varieties in all seasons. It is, therefore, important for farmers to choose wisely the type and design to use while laying an irrigation plan. Several types and designs of pipes exist ranging from PVC, PE, PPR, and so on, but HDPE pipe performance and versatility in agricultursetupstup have proven it best for adoption in agricultural designs. Our installation of irrigation systems in all our plans includes HDPE pipes to give our customers value for money.

HDPE technology has a wide range of applications in various products ranging from plastic bottles, shampoo containers, cutting boards, milking jugs, piping, and bleach containers. In piping, we have had massive joy from farmers since the introduction of HDPE pipe as it is strong and easy to install, use and maintain. HDPE piping is easy to design, lay and repair. It is affordable and easily available. In places where insecurity is a problem, the HDPE pipe can be rolled and transported back to safer storage after use. The pipes are also flexible and compatible with other types of pipes. The connectors are universal and flexible in connections where either PPR or PVC pipes were previously used. Hortitechno company has a team of highly qualified irrigation engineers that understand the technology of designing, laying maintaining HDPE piping lines. Our layout is done according to international standards without leakages and defaults.

HDPE piping system is highly compatible with drip irrigation as it is easily fixed and fitted in the most greenhouse and outdoor layouts. No challenges have been faced in terms of the compatibility of HDPE pipes with driplines of all types. Farmers should be keen while purchasing these types of pipes to ascertain their authenticity and originality. The lack of strict regulations on piping materials in Kenya has led to the infiltration of fraudsters selling substandard pipes that do not meet irrigation or piping needs. The choice of company should be well-researched to obtain International standards in terms of irrigation pipes. Our company is duly registered and conforms to all industry standards and regulations. Our services meet industry requirements and are compliant with local and international standards. vertreibt hochwertige Schweizer Replika-Uhren. ALLE verkauften Replik-Uhren sind perfekte Uhren!

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Hortitechno company sells and supplies HDPE pipes outsourced from genuine manufacturers. Our leadership team ensures that our imports are monitored through the logistic chain from the placing of orders, payments, and delivery to making sure that our products conform to specifications. Hortitechno limited is a customer-friendly company that ensures the delivery of irrigation materials to our clients timely and safely. Our agents and or offices are located in major towns in Kenya such as Kisumu, Nairobi, Kakamega, Nakuru, Kisii, Eldoret, Mombasa, and Kitale. We also serve our customers in all remote villages in the country. Our irrigation materials including HDPE pipes are of high quality and standards offering a lasting solution to durability problems faced by Kenyan farmers due to substandard or fake irrigation pipes. If you partner with us, expect the best and nothing the.

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