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HDPE Pipe Fittings in Kenya

HDPE pipe fitting in kenya refers to the science and art of joining pipes to achieve a desired design and layout. The fittings consist of various components that are compatible with all. The components include male and female adapters, elbows, unions, couplings, valve sockets, reducers, and filters among others. Our company outsources these fitting components directly from manufacturers to ensure conformity and uniformity. Our HDPE pipe fittings are of high quality and standards to ensure that compatibility is achieved without leakages or any defaults. Our team of irrigation experts is highly trained to deliver world-class designs in agricultural fields and greenhouses to ensure customer satisfaction and joy. Our main aim is to deliver top-notch services that meet customer demands and desires. We have made our farmers happy and confident in us by solving the problems they faced earlier in irrigation. HDPE fittings require professionalism and well-calculated steps to avoid mishaps and ensure the durability of the laid design.

Hortitechno fittings give farmers an easy irrigation design system that is easy to repair and maintain. Depending on the source of irrigation, different fittings are used to fit the design demand. Generally, the main pipe is laid from the water source towards the storage tank or has its water pumped directly to the sub main and then to the drip lines. The main pipe can take any diameter and length depending on the design and distance from the water source to the crops. Different sizes exist ranging from 1-inch to 6-inch diameter for agricultural irrigation systems. Other pipings could require bigger pipes of more than 6 inches. It should be noted. that the smaller the pipe the greater the pressure. Therefore,  for greater pressure farmers should go for smaller diameters and vice-versa. Smaller pipes are also ideal for vertical layouts. We have several designs and layouts to suit the farmer’s demand and types of irrigation channels. We advise farmers on the quantities and types of fittings to be used after assessment of the site, source of water, and irrigation system applied.

HDPE pipe fittings exist in different forms and shapes. When the main pipe is short, since HDPE pipes come in rolls, unions are used to connect to lengthen the pipe. A tee fitting can be used if the design has several sections to be irrigated. It is important to observe the science of water flow and pressure physics. A larger diameter pipe should be placed at the water source to tap more water and later reduced to a smaller diameter after gaining a considerable length, this can be reduced further as plumbing continues to enhance pressure build-up. It should be noted that the pressure reaching the driplines should be greater for better drops. Where corners exist, elbow fittings are inserted to enhance precise bending without interfering with the water flow. Elbow fittings are of different sizes, therefore only compatible sizes should be used.

In the greenhouse setup, a storage tank is necessary to store water and fertilizer solution which is later released when necessary. The storage tank comes in different sizes and types depending on the client’s needs. At Hortitechno, the size supplied to the farmer depends on the number of crops to be irrigated, distance from the water source, type of energy for pumping, and prevailing weather conditions. Tanks at our store are of different types such as 500, 1000, 1500, 2000, 3000, 4000, 5000 and 10000L. In terms of strength and durability, our tanks are strong and last longer with the ability to sustain specified liters of water. Larger volume tanks are required in areas where the water source is far, energy for pumping is unreliable and the weather conditions are harsh.

In addition, areas with seasonal water sources require large volumes of stored water. When the area is large, then a bigger tank is necessary to hold a lot of water for irrigation. Hortitechno experts are well versed with water requirements making sure that the installed tank meets the crop needs. The tank should be raised on a firm frame made of timber posts or metals to release water stored by gravity to plants. Water supply ensures that the cost of production is minimized because no energy is needed for pumping. The tank is fitted with both inlet HDPE pipes as well as an outlet. Elbow fittings are used at each corner of the inlet and outlet pipe to ensure bending of pipes at an angle of 45°. The inlet pipe and outlet should be to avoid pressure imbalances. A back-to-back fitting is fixed on the outlet hole on the lower side of the tank to bridge the connection between the tank and the outlet pipe. The holed drilled should be precise and the same as the outlet pipe diameter for a jig fit to avoid leakages. It should be noted any leakage in the irrigation channel reduces efficiency of the system due to water loss and high consumption of energy. A good system should be perfect, functional, and efficient.

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