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Greenhouse in Kenya : Best and affordable wooden and metallic greenhouses 0723053026.

hortitechno greenhouses are offering wooden and metallic greenhouses in Kenya

Greenhouses in Kenya earn extra quality and are used to grow vegetables and herbs since its a controlled environment. This microclimatic condition gives the vegetables optimal growth conditions leading to high yield and vigour.

In Kenya greenhouse farming is the best modern alternative to traditional farming methods. As one of the best greenhouses companies in Kenya, Hortitechno greenhouse offer different sizes and affordable greenhouses in Kenya and east Africa.

Advantages of greenhouse farming.

Many successful greenhouse farmers in Kenya have adapted the use of greenhouse in the production of vegetable as a business. This type of farming methods is affordable and easy to master. You can earn more with greenhouse compared to open field farming.

  • Controlled micro-climate promote growth without disturbance from pest, diseases, harsh weather conditions and human interference
  • Plants inside a greenhouse have Vigor in growth compared to open field , this is due to the three layered polythene ability to retain heat when their is a shift in temperature.
  • Uniformity of plants grown is achieved by the drip in stalled in the greenhouse kits.
  • Quality produce is achieved since their is minimal to no disease (blight)or insect piercing e.g caterpillars.
  • Quantity in produce is achieved over short time compared to outdoor yield. Example of a tomato plants in open field , it takes four months from transplanting to start of harvest while the indoor grown tomatoes takes two and half a month.
  • Greenhouse require small place to farm. At hortitechno greenhouse we give quality certified indeterminate variety to enable our clients to earn more per square meter.
  • Metallic greenhouse can easily be moved from one place to another. Our greenhouses are portable and are assembled onsite.
  • Hortitechno greenhouses in Kenya creates optimal growth condition for all plants and herbs and can be custom made as per the client requirement.
best greenhouse and irrigation company in Kenya
why hortitechno greenhouse in Kenya?

At hortitechno produce and services, we have metallic and wooden greenhouses that come in different sizes and shapes. Wooden greenhouses are made in the A-frame shape and the metallic greenhouse is tunnel shape. Our greenhouses are made of quality durable frames with a height of 4.5 meters at the apex.

We custom make greenhouses according to different climatic conditions. In hot areas our greenhouse structures are covered with nets to allow ventilation, while in cold areas we cover most area with polythene to help in heat retention.

Hortitechno greenhouse polythene last for 6 years with a manufacture guarantee of 3 years. The polythene we use in covering has three layers that help in heat retention. Antidrip, Air pocket and are u.v treated to withstand the harshest sunny condition.

our greenhouse are braced against wind load of up to 0.5 KN/ M3 and can be constructed in open fields without any worries of the wind.

Hortitechno team of technicians are highly trained with many years of experience in survey, greenhouse and open field irrigation installation, agronomy practices and good agricultural practices.

Hortitechno produce and services construct and install greenhouses all over Kenya, Uganda, Tanzania, Somalia, Democratic republic of congo ( DRC) and Rwanda.

Greenhouses specification.

  • 1. Galvanized / painted metals and strong round poles.
  • 2. Apex height 3.0-5.0 m
  • 3. Covered with 200 microns polythene
  • 4. Drip irrigation and water tank
  • 5.Prefabricated
  • 6. Diameters 38-68 mm metals with thickness of 1.5 mm
  • 7.Ventilation nets
  • 8.Tunnel shape for metallic and A frame for wooden greenhouse
  • 9. Can be attached ( multi-span)
  • 10.Different sizes from small to large sizes of 1 acre
  • 11. Top vent upon request

Steps for greenhouse installation in Kenya

Pre greenhouse installation site survey

pre greenhouse survey is important to ascertain the following; water availability, type of soil, location of installation, availability of wind breakers and to study the history of the land.

Greenhouse Soil testing

At hortitechno greenhouses, we do two types of soil tests for our farmers. This test includes pathological and nutrient analysis. It is good for a farmer to conduct a soil test to know the fertilizer regime and soil-borne pathogen available to profit maximumly on the greenhouse investments.

Greenhouse Installation

After receiving a client’s order, we process and deliver on the third day. We do installation based on the choice of the client. Our greenhouses are flexible in prices and sizes. installation takes between 3-7 days depending on the size and weather condition.


Production depends on which stage a farmer wants us to go to. Most of our greenhouses come with follow-up visits and training. We provide our farmers with sound agronomic advice and monitoring till harvest. We supply nursery packages, fertilizers based on soil results and chemicals.

metallic Greenhouses in Kenya

Greenhouse crops/vegetables/plants

greenhouse tomatoes farming

Tomato is one of the crops that have high returns in a greenhouse. This fruity vegetable thrive well in warm climatic condition and its a long day plant. greenhouse provide optimal condition for tomatoes to thrive. tomatoes comes in two types namely determinate and indeterminate variety. Indeterminate variety is the best for greenhouse. Advantages of indeterminate variety is that it grows for eight moths and harvesting is vertical. Indeterminate tomatoes variety examples are: Anna F1, Tylka F1, Eva F1 among others. Advantages of indeterminate tomato varieties are:

  • vigor in growth
  • Oval shaped fruit
  • A plant gives 80 or more fruits
  • post harvest shelf life is 21 days
  • Sweet and 110g fruit weight.

In greenhouse tomatoes farming the farmer is trained on seeding, transplanting, top dressing, de-suckering, pruning, spraying, good agricultural practices and harvesting.

Greenhouse Capsicum farming

hortitechno greenhouses offer quality capsicum for greenhouse farming. Capsicum cultivation indoor produce clean, quality and quantity harvest. We have red , yellow and green capsicum. Capsicum takes 5 month of continuous harvesting.

Variety include commandant F1, yellow wonder F1 among others. At hortitechno we train our farmers on the best practices for capsicum production inside a greenhouse.

Other greenhouse crops in Kenya include: Cucumber, sweet melon, kales, calceolaria, spider plant, Strawberries, flowers, animal breeding like fishpond coverings among others.

Greenhouse materials in Kenya.

The greenhouses materials in Kenya comprise of metals, timber, polythene, nets, nails, bolts, nuts, profiles, and wall pass. Greenhouse materials use depends on the climate and affordability of the materials. Farmers in Termites infested areas will prefer the use of metallic greenhouse over the wooden greenhouse.

in hotter climates, we construct the tall greenhouse and with a lot of ventilation while in colder areas we install standard units with lots of polythene covering.

Difference and similarities between wooden and metallic greenhouses in Kenya.

Metallic greenhousewooden greenhouse
1. Last for 4-5 years
2. Total overhaul after 4-5 years
3. Minimal repair needed
4. low cost greenhouse
5. Local material used
6. increase Production
7. Wooden frame
8. Polythene and net cover
1. Last for 13-15 years
2. Greenhouse polythene change after 6 years
3. No maintenance repair needed
4. slightly costly
5. Imported materials
6. Increase production
7. metallic frame
8. Polythene and net cover
Difference between wooden and metallic greenhouse in Kenya

Greenhouse packages include

Our greenhouse package comes complete with the following packages.

  • Greenhouse frame (wooden /metallic)
  • Drip irrigation Kit
  • water tank
  • 200 microns polythene
  • Ventilation nets
  • Soil testing
  • Planting trays/seeds/ Seedlings
  • Chemicals
  • Fertilizer
  • Protective gears
  • Knapsack sprayer
  • Agronomic support and training

Greenhouse sizes and construction cost in Kenya

SizesMetallic greenhouseWooden greenhouseNumber of Plants
6 m x 10 180, 120,000300
8 m x 12 240, 140,000400
8 m x 15 260, 160,000500
8 m x 24 370, 190,000700
8 m x 30 450, 240,0001000
16 m x 15 490, 260,0001000
16 m x 24 650, 330,0001400
16 m x 30 850, 380,0002000
24 m x 30 1,250, 510,0003000
Greenhouse for sale in Kenya , Affordable wooden and metallic Greenhouse prices

Is it cheaper to build or buy a greenhouse?

Its is cheaper to buy a greenhouses in Kenya from hortitechno greenhouses however when you have the necessary skills in horticulture and where to get the materials, then it can be cheaper to build your greenhouse. Wooden greenhouses are easy to build since we sources for timber locally.

How long does greenhouse construction in Kenya takes?

Greenhouse construction period depends on the size and type of the greenhouse. Wooden greenhouse of 8 meters by 30 meters takes 3-5 days. While metallic greenhouse kit of the same size takes 3-4 days under good weather.

What are greenhouses used for?

Greenhouse are used for vegetables and flower production, animal breeding, Black soldier fly production, fish rearing, seedlings production

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