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hortitechno greenhouses is offering wooden and metallic greenhouses in Kenya at affordable prices

Greenhouses in Kenya are often used in modern ways of farming to help farmers produce their vegetables optimally in unpredictable weather condition.

Greenhouse comes in different greenhouse prices in Kenya depending on the sizes covered and materials used in construction.
Greenhouses in Kenya was introduced in the early 2000s. Farmers adopted this type of farming after intense training and awareness of the benefits it is associated with.

The greenhouse installation and maintenance were generally expensive as few companies were willing to venture into this business.

The installation cost of a greenhouse has generally been reduced due to the introduction of new technology and inventions.

Hortitechno greenhouses is one of the leading affordable service providers in terms of greenhouse installation and maintenance with a variety of different types and designs to choose from.

We install wooden and metallic greenhouses ranging from tunnels and A-frames depending on the customer’s presence.

Our able staff provides all-around services from installation, layout, planting, agronomic consultation, and market link to farmers.

Kenyan farmers complained of initial losses due to a lack of knowledge on handling greenhouse activities.

This is a thing of the past as farmers gained the required knowledge regarding greenhouse farming.

Kenya boasts of a wide range of climatic zones that are suitable for greenhouse farming. Generally, greenhouse farming can be practised in all regions of the country as long as the soil and water meet growing qualities.

Greenhouse water source

  • Rivers
  • Lakes
  • Bore holes
  • Springs
  • Wells
  • Collected rain water

The irrigation water used in greenhouses should be clean and fresh to avoid blockages of drips and provide the required PH for optimal growth.

The soil should deep, well-drained, and fertile, with correct PH and free from diseases and harmful microorganisms.

Greenhouses are laid in a way that avoids damage from strong wind. The greenhouse structure should be firm to support the crops grown and achieves durability quality.

Our company has achieved an appreciation and positive comments regarding the quality of greenhouses and their durability. We make sure that the customer is happy and comfortable with the services we deliver.

Kenyan greenhouse farmers also enjoy agronomic services from many trained persons within our company. Regular follow-ups of different havests have been one of our major strengths.
Kenyan farmers suffered losses initially due to several reasons that our company has addressed to give farmers confidence in their investment.

Greenhouse challenges in Kenya

Poor water quality has been a major challenge to many greenhouse farmers.

Salty water and impurities hinder crop growth. We advise farmers to conduct a lab test to ascertain the quality of water before farming.

Diseased soils affect plant vigour and growth hence increasing the cost of production.

A soil test is important to diagnose soil quality in terms of available nutrients and pathological reports.

Lack of market in some areas leads to massive losses due to spoilage and poor prices.

Our company cushions farmers against middlemen and brokers by linking them to the direct market. Farmers should research the current market prices and quantities as well as packaging before sending their produce to the market.

Political instability is another hindering factor as it interferes with normal farming operations and marketing.

Hortitechno greenhouses offers transparent and honest services to customers. We are available fully throughout the entire growing season to make sure that our clients receive top-notch products and services.

Farmers should be careful in choosing the right company to deal with since some players in the industry offer poor services leaving them with losses and damages.

The greenhouse adoption in Kenya is quickly taking shape as most small-scale farmers prefer greenhouses to other conventional methods due to yield and time factor.

The greenhouse installation prices have been reduced to consider the many small-scale or small-scale farmers. Farmer training and awareness forums have led to increased adoption of greenhouses in Kenya compared to other neighbouring countries.

Our company organizes demonstrations and workshops to provide the required information regarding greenhouse maintenance. The agronomy department ensures that farmers get the required spray and fertilizer program for optimal crop performance.
The devolvement of extension services at the county level has promoted increased adoption of greenhouses in most villages as most farmers get additional agricultural extension services at their disposal.

Many farmers have installed greenhouses in their homes as they enjoy free or subsidized extension services from county officers. Our company also provides extension services on weekly basis to our clients at an affordable fee.

We are dedicated to following the crops right from seeding to harvesting. We also help farmers with marketing links to fill the existing gaps. We encourage farmers to install more greenhouses as it is a less labour-intensive modern farming method.

Kenya enjoys a tropical climate in most regions which is suitable for crop growth. Greenhouse ensures that the crops grow a shorter time to mature as compared to the conventional method takes

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