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Greenhouse materials in Kisumu

Greenhouse materials in Kisumu for sale include polythene covers, insect nets, profiles, galvanized steel metals, tapping, driplines, screws, and gutters.

All these materials are available at our store located at Patel flats, off Kakamega road. Hortitechno company stocks the best greenhouse materials in Kisumu to serve our clients and meet their demands.

Affordable greenhouse materials in Kisumu enable our client the ability to construct affordable greenhouses prices in Kenya.

Greenhouse materials in Kisumu can be purchased directly from our offices or ordered made through our website. Payments are flexible as we use both cash and bank transfers.

Payments can also be done directly on our web link through mpesa, send wave, MasterCard, or visa card. We deliver greenhouse materials to the client to the site after payments.

The greenhouse materials are assembled by our team of experts to ensure that our clients receive the best in terms of greenhouse construction.

Greenhouse materials in Kisumu are sold separately or as a whole depending on the client’s needs. For example, a farmer may require only a polythene cover or driplines.

Greenhouse polythene in kisumu | Greenhouse materials in Kisumu

Greenhouse Polythene cover is one of the key materials of greenhouse materials available in Kisumu.

Polythene cover refers to poly film cover used on roofs and greenhouse sides to protect plants from direct UV light.

The greenhouse polythene in kisumu cover also protects the crops from harsh weather conditions like rain and cold weather.

The greenhouse cover also provides a micro-climate inside the greenhouse to promote optimal growth and yield of crops.

Greenhouse Polythene cover in Kisumu is sold in our offices per square meter depending on the size of the greenhouse the client intends to cover.

Our cover consists of 7 layers of film to ensure that harmful rays do not reach the plants. The greenhouse polythene covers are also durable to give the farmer their value for money.

The cover for the greenhouse film in Kisumu comes in both white and yellow colors. It is UV treated with 200 microns.

The cover sold at Hortitechno is also anti-drip with the desired thickness of paper to resist damage as a result of strong winds and rain.

Greenhouses sizes and prizes in Kenya are determined by the width, gauge and size of greenhouse polythene to be used in greenhouse construction in Kenya.

Greenhouse covers in Kisumu do not depend on the frame used, either wooden or metallic, but rather dependent on crops grown.

Fruiting plants like tomatoes require white/yellow cover for high light intensity while yellow ones are used for raising non-fruiting crops like herbs.

Greenhouse metals|Metallic greenhouse materials in Kisumu

Metallic greenhouse include Galvanized steel metals frames and painted frame that form part of the greenhouse materials for sale in Kisumu.

They refer to special metal posts used to build a greenhouse frame to withstand strong winds and storms as well as crop weight.

Hortitechno galvanized steel metals are designed to form a strong framework of greenhouses that can last longer without unnecessary repairs.

We are keen while constructing the greenhouses to meet light requirements for crops grown. We also take precautions in the wind direction to avoid damage to crops, polythene cover, or the crops grown.

We have highly experienced technicians with the ability to construct all greenhouse designs. Hortitechno is one of the best greenhouses companies in Kenya and offers wooden greenhouses in Kenya with alternatives to affordable greenhouse construction materials

The galvanized metals are sold per meter in our Kisumu offices depending on the sizes of the greenhouse.

Other greenhouse materials available for sale in Kisumu include tapping, screws, and profiles. These components are key as they form the joints and connections between all greenhouse materials.

The greenhouse profiles are zigzag and specially coated with a layer of hard plastic to avoid rust. The profiles are used to hold the polythene cover and the insect net on the metal frame.

The screws are strong and with an 8mm diameter and are used to fasten joints throughout the metallic frame.

All these three materials are sold per piece. Our company has quality greenhouse materials for sale in Kisumu.

Our stock is up to date to provide our customers with a range of products under one roof.

In addition, driplines, insect nets, and gutters conclude the greenhouse materials in Kisumu.

Drip lines in kisumu| drip irrigation in Kisumu

We stock a variety of drip lines that forms the irrigation system necessary for watering plants. Driplines refer to small punched pipes that allow water to flow to the roots of plants precisely.

Our driplines are of high quality and strength to meet the requirements of greenhouse irrigation such as uniform water supply and the ability to enable fertigation.

Our drip lines are sold in rolls of 1000m in length or 1500m and we can cut according to required length.

Insect nets in Kisumu |Greenhouse nets in Kisumu

Insect nets are sold per square meter depending on the greenhouse size. Insect nets protect plants from insect pets and allow for the free flow of air inside and outside the greenhouse.

Insect nets are in dimensions of 2.5 meters by 50 meters, 2.5 m by 100 m, 3 m by 50 m and 3 m by 100 meters.

The gutters are designed to collect dripping water from the rain and channel it to storage tanks or drainage. The gutters ensure that the walls of the greenhouse are not damaged or wetted by water. They are sold in our offices in Kisumu per piece that is joinable.

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