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Greenhouse materials for sale in Kenya

Greenhouse materials for sale in Kenya includes polyethene, nets, drip kits, tapping screws and gutters among more. Greenhouse farming in Kenya was introduced in the early 2000s. Greenhouse materials for sale in Kenya are available in many stores in major towns like Kisumu, Nairobi, Mombasa, and Nakuru. Greenhouse farming refers to growing crops under a controlled climate protecting the plants against harsh weather like rain and cold temperatures. Greenhouse materials in Kenya include metallic posts, profiles, poly film covers, driplines, tanks, HDPE pipes, and ground covers. Farmers intending to start greenhouse projects should make sure that the materials outsourced should be from a genuine supplier. Greenhouse materials in Kenya for sale lack regulations, therefore a farmer needs to assess the authentication and legitimacy of the suppliers. The industry has been infiltrated with so many scammers and fraudsters selling substandard materials to farmers. Our company sells and supplies greenhouse materials throughout the country. Our branches can be found in Kisumu and Nairobi.

Greenhouse materials for sale in Kenya vary in price and quality depending on the manufacturers. Generally, the greenhouse materials for sale in Kenya are imported from manufacturers in China, Turkey, Israel, and other Asian countries. Hortitechno outsources greenhouse materials directly from Israel and Turkey. We are keen to deliver the best quality that ensures durability and maximum protection of plants throughout the year. Greenhouse materials should include special galvanized steel posts that are durable, strong, and eco-friendly. The steel posts should not be corrosive to avoid toxins released by plants. Greenhouse posts should also be flexible to achieve the desired shape and design. The greenhouse posts for sale are available for sale in our stores at affordable rates. In addition, the greenhouse frame should include a metallic crop support structure system for heavy and indeterminate varieties of crops. The crop support system should be firm to avoid damages due to heavyweight.

Another greenhouse material for sale in Kenya is the polyfill cover that is used to cover the roof and greenhouse sides. The cover is a special poly film that deters strong UV light from reaching plants. Sun radiations help in assisting the plants in making food through photosynthesis, but not all rays are helpful, therefore greenhouse cover is designed to allow only beneficial rays that are important for crop growth. We have a special poly film cover that meets all international standards. Our greenhouse cover has seven layers of film that ensures effectiveness and durability to achieve optimal growth and provides good cover for crops grown. Our cover is sold per meter square depending on the size of the greenhouse to be constructed. Greenhouse covers can also be sold to customers for repair purposes. Our technicians assist the farmers in both new installations or repairs in cases where there are damages or worn out.

Greenhouse materials for sale in Kenya also include insect nets that are used to cover the sides of the greenhouse. The insect nets refer to special messed materials that deter pests and disease-causing microorganisms to enter the greenhouse. The insect net also allows for the free flow of air ensuring ventilation and the outflow of hot air to cool the plants. Insect pest is harmful to plants as they destroy crops and causes diseases. It is therefore important for greenhouse farmers to include insect nets in their greenhouses to protect the plants against pests. Hortitechno outsources and sells high-quality insect nets that have low maintenance costs and last long. The nets are tightly fixed on the sides of the greenhouse to avoid sagging. Insect nets are also sold per meter square depending on the size of the greenhouse in question. These nets are clear to allow sunlight rays to penetrate the sides.

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Greenhouse materials available for sale in Kenya also include irrigation kit that is composed of pipes, driplines, tank, and connectors. Hortitechno is a one-stop shop for all your irrigation kit requirements. We have one of the best materials for sale that are manufactured by renowned companies meeting irrigation requirements for greenhouse plants. The driplines are sold in rolls, 1000m or 1500 meters long depending on the customer’s needs. The driplines supply water by droplets to the plants precisely. They come with different hole distances such as 15, 20, and 30cm apart. Dripline connectors are sold in pieces to aid the joining of pipes and drips to the main source of water. They include elbows, tee joints, valves, and sockets. Tanks are also part of greenhouse materials for sale in Kenya. They come in different volumes and shapes. Hortitechno tanks last for more than 10 years.

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