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Greenhouse construction in Kenya involves both metallic and wooden framed structures purposely for crop production. greenhouse farming in Kenya is one of the best agribusiness ventures everyone should embrace for high income.

Greenhouse construction in Kenya requires high skills. Hortitechno greenhouses, is one of the leading greenhouse construction companies which build the most trusted greenhouses in Kenya as they use some of the most original material and modern technology.

Several Types of greenhouses existing in Kenya depend on the design and type of material and technology used. In terms of materials used in making the frames, we have metals, ppr, concreate, and wooden frame greenhouses. The wooden greenhouse is made of timber posts and nails and then covered with greenhouse poly film.

Metallic consists of a special galvanized frame that is highly durable. hortitechno greenhouse technicians in Kenya, constructs both metallic and wooden greenhouses.

The greenhouse structures generally consist of an

  • Irrigation kit
  • Water tank
  • Insect net
  • Poly film cover
  • crop support system.

wooden greenhouse construction in Kenya

The wooden greenhouse is constructed using wooden poles and other locally available materials such as greenhouse polythene sheets, insect nets, drip lines, and HDPE pipes for plumbing.

This type of greenhouse is relatively less durable compared to metallic ones but, they give the same results. However, investors should do a feasibility study before choosing the material to be used in greenhouse construction in Kenya.

Small-scale farmers are urged to adopt wooden structures due to their affordability. Large-scale and commercial farmers should invest in metallic greenhouses due to their durability factor.

Both wooden and metallic greenhouses are firmly grounded to ensure a strong design that can support the crops over the growing season.

metallic greenhouse construction in Kenya

The metallic greenhouse is made of steel, galvanized or none galvanized, depending on the client’s preference. Metallic greenhouses can last for more than 10 years giving investors a longer period to enjoy the profits. This type of greenhouse is generally firm to handle even larger weights.

Greenhouse construction materials in Kenya are imported from abroad while wooden posts are locally available.  Hortitechno assists farmers in choosing durable and better materials to ensure customer satisfaction and confidence.

We outsource construction materials and raise the greenhouses to ensure that the construction process is well executed. Our construction team is well-versed in efficient and modern structural methods to deliver quality and commendable services.

Greenhouse construction in Kenya begins by gathering and outsourcing all necessary materials required in the process. The site is well chosen to avoid areas with huge trees that can damage the greenhouse. The site should also be free from plant diseases and wild animals.

Security of the location is also key as thieves or intruders may damage the structure or steal the produce. It is also important to choose a site that is near the source of water for irrigation. Finally, the site should be free from strong winds that might cause crop damage.

materials for Greenhouse construction in Kenya

After approval of the site, the materials are transported to the location. Marking out is done depending on the size of greenhouse to be constructed.

Several sizes can be constructed such as 8*15m, 8*25m or 8*30m. The larger the size the greater the cost. Marking out is followed by digging of holes at least two feet down depending on the type of soil.

The posts are then inserted and erected using sand, ballast and cement to achieve a strong foundation and frame. Roofing is then done as per design chosen. Generally, a greenhouse can take an A frame design, tunnel or large commercial designs that are customized.

Most greenhouses are A frame or tunnel designed. Large commercial greenhouses are complex and take time to construct. They are customized with high technology to suit the intended purpose. Examples of large commercial greenhouses are found in propagation units and research organizations.

Some are fitted with misters to supply plants with water and fertilizer on the leaves. Covering of the roof is done with a special layered greenhouse polythene that protects the crops from direct sun rays, wind and other harsh weather conditions like heavy rains.

An entry pouch is constructed at the entrance and used as a changing or temporary storage of inputs and produce. The entrance should only take a small portion of entire structure.

It is also where both the hand bath and foot bath is situated for disinfection purposes. The irrigation system is worked out to provide water for the crops.

This includes raised tank, driplines, filters and HDPE pipes. Planting can be done on troughs, direct soil or in planting bags. The sides are covered with insect net to prevent entry of insects into the greenhouse.

We use to steel, profiles, screws, greenhouse polythene sheets, nets, and driplines in the construction process. For wooden greenhouses, we use poles, greenhouse polythene sheets, insect nets, driplines, and HDPE

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