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Greenhouse companies in Kenya

Greenhouse companies in Kenya involve in farm structures and irrigation in Horticulture. Hortitechno greenhouses is one of the best greenhouse companies in Kenya. Greenhouse farming has taken a greater shape over the years. The technology has been widely accepted by Kenyan farmers due to its massive benefits. However,  greenhouse farming failed on arrival in Kenya due to a lack of proper knowledge of greenhouse production.  After seeing the need to salvage farmers from the challenges they faced initially, we sat down as a team to come up with the Hortitecho company that provides greenhouse installation and maintenance services as well as extension and technical support to farmers. Hortitechno started as a small group of experts offering agronomic advice to farmers and later expanded to greenhouse service providers and other agricultural-related services. Our exemplary services have seen us extend our branches to neighboring counties like Kakamega, Kisii, Homabay, Migori, Vihiga, and Nyamira. The great support we get from our happy clients has given us referrals beyond borders in other counties like Kajiado, Nairobi, Machakos, and the Central part of Kenya.

Hortitechno company is based in Kisumu county offering services to farmers within and beyond the county. Our services have received much applause sending us even beyond to countries Congo, Tanzania, Uganda, and Sudan. We do not just construct greenhouses, but we first assess the sites to ascertain soil quality, water source, and market for the produce. Soil is sampled and taken to the lab for testing to evaluate the quality in terms of nutrients and pathology report. A good growth media should be fertile, deep, and well-drained as well as free from diseases and pests.  The irrigation water should also be clean, with the correct Ph, and free from impurities. Blockages of drips used for irrigation due to dirty water source is a major factor hindering greenhouse production. Similarly, the water used should also be free from salt deposits that cause problems and blockages.

The site is assessed further to locate regions free from strong winds, tall trees, or waterlogging.  The greenhouse site should be on a level topography to ensure proper construction. Greenhouses can be used to grow the most variety of crops all year round, but the farmer should decide on crops to plant after feasibility study reports and market research. Crops planted in greenhouses shoullightweightht and have high value to fetch better prices that can ensure sustainability. Hortitechno company offers a wide range of services and products to clients to ensure accountability and profitable venture. We sell and install greenhouses at affordable and customer-friendly prices. Our greenhouses range from wooden to metallic designs depending on the farmer’s choice. The sizes also vary depending on the customer’s desire. Hortitechno company also installs irrigation systems to help in watering greenhouse plants.  The irrigation kit consists of a tank, HDPE pipes, driplines, and connectors.

Our greenhouses are fitted with insect nets that prevent the entry of insects and other microorganisms into the greenhouse. Pests and diseases are major hindrances to crop production both indoors and outdoors. Greenhouse solves this challenge by providing a fully covered structure that protects the plants against insect pests and disease-causing microorganisms. Our company has competent staff in the agronomy department who thavisitsit farmers regularly to provide agronomic practices. Farmers are advised on how to handle and maintain crops grown. Our agronomist designs and implements spray and nutrition programs for farmers to suit the needs of the crops grown. The spray program is based on scouting reports to decide on chemicals to be sprayed depending on the spotted pest and diseases. Nutrition is also based on plant vigor and deficiency report. The nutrients supplied are precise and correct in terms of quantity and type.  Our qualified and experienced agronomist ensures that the crop is monitored from seeding to harvesting.

Hortitechno company has a marketing department that assists our clients with market linkages. We realized the need to salvage our farmers from exploitation by brokers and middlemen. We introduced a mobile App that gives a platform for farmers to connect with direct buyers to be able to bargain and sell the products at better prices. In addition, our company is opening a system soon that will link greenhouse farmers to the export markets in Europe, America, and the middle east. These are just some of the goodies that our farmers enjoy. Our main aim is to help farmers maximize their profits from the less input they invest. We are also aligned with sustainable agriculture by ensuring that we create awareness of the importance of environment conservation, food safety, and food. Our partners can always count on us for better and greater service provision.

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