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Farm Produce Marketing in Kenya

Farm Produce Marketing in Kenya is great challenge in terms of marketing and selling their produce. The market is largely dominated by middlemen and brokers. Marketing challenges have demoralized a big number of farmers in Kenya. It is believed that farmers have never achieved the real notices due to the influence of market brokers and cartels. The brokers usually exploit farmers by buying their produce at lesser prices and selling the same product to other buyers at a profit. It is believed that almost all markets are dominated by 80% of brokers and middlemen parading as farmers. Hortitechno company is dedicated to getting solutions to this problem by providing farmers with a direct linkage to the market to eliminate brokers and middlemen. We have an Android application where farmers and buyers meet directly to negotiate deals and agree on prices. Hortitecho App has proved helpful to farmers by giving farmers better market prices.

The marketing challenges are also aligned with a lack of standardized quality and packaging. The buyers exploit farmers by demanding abnormal packages like say tomatoes and capsicumtheoriess heaped above the normal package container. The farmers are left desperate at the hands of brokers that are dishonest and lack transparency. Farmers are demoralized at the end of the season since they do not meet their expectations. Since farmers in Kenya are keen on investing in modern agricultural methods like greenhouses and shade nets, this re important to have a well-structured marketing strategy to give farmers confidence in agriculture. Agriculture is a lucrative venture if the marketing is well-tackled. Our team has well-trained personnel that is well-equipped with information regarding major markets in Kenya as well as the prices of different products. The Hortitechno has different mobile kiosks at major town junctions where registered farmers are allowed to trade in for better prices.

Marketing farm produce requires that ensure that the real market forces are realized in any venture. It is believed that when the demand for a particular product is high than the supply then the price is expected to shoot. This is however not true in terms of marketing farm produce in Kenya where demand and supply chains are hidden from farmers by brokers. Hortitechno is a listening and caring partner that looks into the welfare of its clients. We act immediately and positively to provide permanent solutions to problems faced by farmers through the value chain. When farmers are happy, our team is pleased. This has been our spirit of creating a smiling face for our clients. The hortitechno team is deeply involved in research and development to provide solutions to all marketing challenges. The marketing App is just one of the marketing solutions, but there are other strategies like value addition and linkage to markets abroad.

Training and advising farmers on understanding the local markets and demand is key as it helps farmers in choosing what crop to grow and in which season. When farmers have marketing information then it is easy for them to set prices that attract better returns on investment. Hortitechno group is also dedicated to grouping farmers in small numbers to increase their bargaining power in the market. When farmers agree on one price without any deviation, the buyers are left with no choice but to accept the set prices. Farmers maximize profits when they speak one language and remain united. We group farmers in different regions, register a group, and appoint a leader to guide them through training and mentoring workshops. The team leaders are regularly trained on new marketing strategies to assist them in identifying new gaps in the market.

Our team assists farmers with information regarding social compliance to provide them with the ability to sell to high-end markets. Plans are underway to penetrate lucrative markets in Europe and other countries abroad. After completion, our marketing department will link farmers directly to the export market. Farmers are urged to register their farms and create a logo and a tagline to help them compete with other sellers in the market. We also advertise products produced by our farmers to assist buyers in getting direct links. We ensure that our farmers get it right on marketing processes from harvesting at the right stage, harvesting the right quality, sorting, grading, packaging, storage, and transportation. This ensures that the products delivered to the market are highly competitive. We have plans to create a centralized and inclusive business structure that will combine all farmers, and train them on marketing skills that will ensure that agricultural produce prices are controlled by primary players who double up as farmers. It is also important for local authorities to limit middlemen’s exploitation of farmers.

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