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Drip irrigation Company In Kenya

drip Irrigation company in Kenya

Drip irrigation company in Kenya deals in drip kits,filters, bucket drip kits, irrigation pipes and compression fittings. Drip irrigation is used in watering plants to achieve uniformity , minimizing labor.In Kenya watering the plants in farms has been a challenged to most farmers.

Hortitechno has a solution in drip kit. We install open drip irrigation, greenhouse drip kit irrigation and small scale irrigation.

We sell and supply drip irrigation accessories and materials in Kenya, Uganda, Tanzania and other countries in Africa.

Air, water and warmth are the three main components required for plants to germinate. Due to increase in population, land resource has become scarce and there is an increase demand for food.

Hortitechno as the best drip irrigation company in Kenya has come up with drip irrigation technology in order to satisfy this basic need.

Water has become a precious commodity due to change in weather trends forcing most farmers to adopted to alternative farming techniques such as drip irrigation to complement rain.

Drip irrigation in Kenya system optimally uses little water.

Although most farmers in Kenya still depend on weather trends for farming, educated farmers are slowly adopting to the new technology of drip irrigation system or trickle irrigation system.

Drip irrigation components.

  • Main and sub main pipe :HDPE pipes or pvc pressure pipes. This main pipe is the main channel that connects the water sources to the drip lines.
  • Drip lines :This are the tapes that distribute the farm with waters through emitters spaced according to plant spacing.
  • Connectors:This are the attachments that connect the main lines and the drip tapes. Hole is made and gourmet rubber placed before inserting the connector.
  • Fittings:This are the elbows, tees, adapters, end caps, saddle clamps.
  • Valves:This are used to regulate water flow in the drip irrigation system. The valves also helps in regulating pressure in the farm.
  • Filters:Screen or disc filter is used to sieve debris from water. this helps in maintenance of drip kit by not blocking of emitters.
  • Venturi:Venturi in drip irrigation is placed on the main line and used for fertigation.

Hortitechno as drip irrigation company in Kenya install efficient and durable drip irrigation kit. Greenhouse drip. Large scale and small scale open field.

How does drip irrigation works?

It involves a network of PVC pipes that channel water from the source to the emitters that trickle down water directly into the roots of the plants through flush caps.

The system is supported by filters that are fitted from the source, pressure regulators, back-flow prevents and a network of valves which control the flow of water along the drip irrigation system.

There are different types of drip irrigation systems based on how water is delivered to the plant. This largely depends on the type of material used for irrigation, type of plant, source of water and topography of land.

They include porous soak er hose system, emitter drip system, water mastic drip system and micro misting sprinklers.

Advantages of drip irrigation.
  • It uses 30-50% less water.
  • The system does not require complicated machinery making it is easy to install and cheap to maintain.
  • Pesticides, herbicides and fertilizers can be mixed with the water at source the trickled down to the plants through the system.
  • Minimum labor is required when the system is operational because water is controlled from the source.
  • Due to the flexibility and adaptability of the drip irrigation system, wide variety of plants from flowers to vegetables can be grown favouring both greenhouse and open-air farming methods.
  • Sufficient watering technology that comes with drip irrigation ensures control of soil erosion and diseases from wet foliage are minimised.
  • Reduce the sprouting of weeds in non-irrigated areas.
Factors to consider before drip installation.
  1. Availability of reliable source of water.
  2. Weather of the location.
  3. Capacity of the drip irrigation.
  4. Type of soil and type of crop grown should be keenly considered to make the irrigation system function optimally.
  5. The drip irrigation system installation requires an expert assistance this reduces running and maintenance cost.
  6. Plants spacing. Paw paw has wider spacing compared to tomatoes
Drip irrigation Maintenance
  • Filter should be clean regularly to avoid contaminated water from blocking the emitters nozzles.
  • Care should be taken when digging the farm to avoid drip tearing.

The cost benefit analysis of the drip irrigation system puts it as the first priority choice for many farmers across Kenya.

Drip irrigation is definitely a revolution in farming so all players in the sector should be involved in public awareness and education has not reached the grassroots farmer, the enlightened farmers are slowly transiting to drip irrigation method.

Farmers can now comfortably grow their crops throughout the year after drip irrigation installation because there is little or no dependence on rain.

At hortitechno produce and services we have the best price and experts to help install quality efficient drip irrigation in Kenya.


Drip irrigation prices in Kenya

Drip irrigation prices in Kenya. get the best quality and affordable drip irrigation kit in Kenya.

1-acre drip kit1/2 acre drip kit1/4 acre drip kit1/8 acre drip kit1/16 acre drip kit
Ksh 125,000Ksh 70,000Ksh 40,000Ksh 25,000Ksh 15,000
6 roll drip line3 rolls drip line1500 m drip line750 m drip line370 m drip line
mainlines and fittingsmainlines and fittingsmainlines and fittingsmainlines and fittingsmainlines and fittings
Drip irrigation Price in Kenya
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