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Dam liners in Kenya . Durable quality 0.3 mm-1 mm thickness.

dam liners for sale in kenya
Dam Liner in Kenya
Dam liner roll

Dam liners in Kenya is used in water harvesting in drought prone area. Dam liner material is an impermeable LDPE/HDPE sheet that comes in different lengths and thicknesses. The geomembrane is used as a trough to hold fluid and prevent seepage.

In Kenya water is becoming scarce day by day and the available harvesting methods are not reliable and affordable, Hortitechno greenhouses introduce a great solution to this problem by using dam liners in Kenya as the best alternative.

Hortitechno dam liners come with a thickness of 0.3 mm-1mm, with a diameter of 7m-8m and a length of up to 100 meters. At Hortitechno, we weld the dam liner to your specification for example if you need a pond of 20 m by 30 meters our technician will do a dam liner welding to fit the area.

Dam liner installation

Dam liner installation depends on the size of the dam, thickness of dam liner, the surface of the pond to be installed. For dams holding million of cubics of liters, we prefer clients to use thicker liners and for small ponds, a client can use any gauge.

Steps to installing a dam liner in a pond

  • Dig your dam with outward slanting walls. This will assist in preventing the wall from collapsing.
  • Measure the area of the pond or container to be aligned
  • Make sure the surface is smooth as not to pierce the liner
  • choose the correct thickness of the geomembrane
  • If the pond is larger than the liner thickness get it joined by welding.
  • Align the liner in the pond and leave at least 1 meter to hold the liner not to collapse in the pond

How to calculate your liner before installation

Dam liner Calculator: To calculate the size of the dam liner you need to get the cross-section of the width and length separately. Draw and insert measurement then leave an extension of 1 meter on both sides.

For every cross-section get the length of the walls and the base then sum together to give the width and do the same for the length side. This will give you the size you need for your pond. for circular tanks use the circumference and height.

Water harvesting using dam liners in Kenya is cheaper compared to tanks. Dam liner can accommodate many cubic meters of water compare to a water tank of the same price. Water that can be harvested using a dam liner includes run offs, rain water through gutters, pumped water, and river water.

Uses of dam liners in Kenya

Dam liners are used in lining of :

  • Dams and pond
  • Underground tanks
  • Solar dryers
  • Fish pond lining
  • Swimming pools lining
  • overhead water tank liners Kenya

If you are looking for dam liners in Nairobi, look no further than hortitechno’s

Engineer Njoroge, Kindaruma Dam.

Dam liners prices in Kenya

Dam liner ThicknessDam liner price per square meter
0.3 175
0.5 250
0.8 320
1 370
cost of dam liners in Kenya

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