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Dam liner welding machine

Dam liner welding machine implies a device used to join different parts of the dam liner. The Dam liner welding machine aids the structural part of the dam liner design together to meet all the specifications of the designer.

This machine is necessary for the completion of the dam liner installation to come up with the desired and intended use. The technology used in the dam liner welding machine is to aid in heating the two parts of the dam liners until they melt and later join them together under high heat.

It is therefore important for the process to have a source of heat to aid the melting of the damliner surfaces. Since the damliner is made of sheets of polythene that are easily meltable and can be molded to any shape. These qualities make damliner very easy to join after heating the surfaces.

Hortitechno technicians are highly trained and experienced in welding the dam liner to achieve stronger joints and desired shapes as per design specifications.

A dam liner welding machine is available for sale in our offices for clients that require one for their personal uses.

We also offer weld and joining services for dam liners at affordable and customer-friendly services. We urge and advise farmers to contact our group of technicians to achieve the best welding services since most clients complain of leaking joints due to a lack of proper knowledge on the operation of the dam liner welding machine.

The Damliner machine should produce a stable and watertight joint that is perfectly designed to avoid leakages and last longer. When the joint is poorly done, the joints made may lead to massive water losses through slippages causing ineffective reservoirs that lead to a lack of accountability for funds invested.

It is, therefore, important for farmers to make sure that the joints are rightly done by qualified technicians.

Damliner welding machines are of different including hot air welding machines, hot wedge welding machines, and other fabricated machines.

The hot air damliner welding machine is manually operated and consists of a roller and a blower.  The hot air machine technology of blowing hot air to the surface of the dam liner where the joint is to be placed until it melts.

The roller is then used to aid the joining of the surfaces together to form a tight joint. The hot air blown comes from a motor fan that is rotated at a faster speed from a source of energy, either electricity or solar. The technician involved should be careful to avoid over heating that may melt the entire causing damage or deformed joints.

However, the hot air dam liner welding machine is only suitable for the considerable thickness of dam liners as it does not for a good joint for highly layered sheets like 1mm thickness. It can also be used to melt HDPE, LDPE, and dam liners below 0.8mm thickness.

Hot air dam liner machines are also ideal in repair works of torn parts of dam liners and other maintenance functions. Similarly, hot air welding machines use low energy of up to 240 voltage and 1500 watts as compared to hot wedge welding machines.

Dam liner welding machines are available for sale in our offices in Kisumu and Nairobi at affordable prices. Customers can also hire our machines at agreed rates and times.

On the other hand, a hot wedge dam liner welding machine refers to an automated welder used by engineers or damliner technicians to join two surfaces of a dam liner together.

The hot air welder is suitable for greater thicknesses like 1mm since it has more power to melt thicker materials.

The technology used here ensures that the metal plate found in the hot wedge welder melts the surface, and by use of the wheels, the two surfaces are joined together after melting.

Hot wedge dam liner welding machines are automatically set to do the melting and joining process with limited human interactions as the machine operates at a very high speed.

The benefits of this dam liner welding machine are the reduced cost of labor, precise and perfect job, neat and stable joints, less time, and lack of errors. The hot wedge dam liner welding machine can be used for all thicknesses of dam liners ranging from 0.3 mm to 1 mm.

It can also be used to weld LDPE, PVC, and HDPE pipes. Generally, large dam liner installations require the use of hot wedge dam liner welding machine for perfect joints. At hortitechno, all the dam liner welding machines can be obtained at affordable prices.

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