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Dam liner prices in Kenya vary in thickness and size. Hortitechno Company has surprised most of the clients by supplying and selling very affordable dam liners to our competitors.

Our dam liner prices are accommodative to meet the demands of farmers with low economic status who are interested in storing water for irrigation, livestock, and domestic use.

Dam liners refer to sheets of polythene layers used to cover a water reservoir separating the water to the ground where it is stored. Dam liners can be both thin or thick layered depending on the surface qualities it is laid. The thick layered sheets are used to cover rough and rocky surfaces while thin layers are suitable for smooth surfaces.

Dam liner prices in Kenya are relatively lower for thin layered sheets which are used to hold less amount of water. Thick layered fetch higher prices since they are used to hold large volumes of water and generally last longer. Hortitechno Company is considerate in terms of supplying the best quality and affordable prices of Dam liner in kenya.

Dam liner for sale prices range in thickness and size depending on the intended purpose as well as the size purchased by the client. Hortitechno stocks different types of dam liners at different prices in Kenya with different thicknesses and durability.

Dam liner prices include;

  • We have a 0.5 mm thickness that lasts for 10 – 15 years and is used mainly on smooth surfaces to hold water in medium and small reservoirs.
  • We also have dam liners 0.8 mm thickness that has durability period of 15 – 25 years and suitable for rough surfaces and can store huge water volumes.
  • we also have a superior type which has a thickness of 1 mm suitable for very large dams and rough terrains to store massive volumes of water. This type of dam liner can last for up to 30 years suitable for large institutions. Our prices are competitive and take care of all our client’s pockets.

Dam liner installation prices in Kenya are also dependent on the quality of dam liners. Generally, a good dam liner should be UV treated to ensure protection against strong sun rays.

They should also be highly resistant to abrasion and non-corrosive. Dam liners should also be designed to adapt to all weather conditions. Our company meets all these qualities to ensure that our prices are highly competitive in terms of current dam liner prices in Kenya.

Clients should consider factors like thickness, dam topography, size, prices, and materials used before investing in dam liners. Our clients enjoy the best advice we give regarding dam liner prices in Kenya after the assessment of the pond features.

We provide a wholesome service delivery from supplying installation and maintenance of dam liners. You can count on us for the best prices of dam liners in Kenya.

Dam liner prices in Kenya are also dependent on manufacturers’ specifications and the type of materials used. Good dam liners should be made from original materials; recycled materials do not last long. Another precaution that should be taken by dam liner buyers is the purchase of second-hand materials. The second-hand dam liners do not last long and are easily worn out.

Hortitechno Company stocks only new and original dam liners to supply quality and durable materials. Dam liner prices in Kenya are also depended on the intended use as it dictates type, size, and thickness.

Uses of dam liners

  • To line fish pond.
  • Feed processing in hydroponics set up.
  • Vertical gardens.
  • repair leaking storage tanks, gutters of greenhouses.
  • construction of water storage dams for irrigation purposes.

Depending on the intended use the customer is advised on the type and size of dam liner to buy by our team of experts at Hortitechno. Our dam liner prices in Kenya are very affordable to cushion farmers from high-priced materials that most Kenyans cannot afford.

Dam liner for sales in Kenya also depend on holding and installation prices. Hortitechno Company offers very interesting and friendly prices for welding dam liners and installation. Although dam liner prices in Kenya cover only the material purchased, the client needs to pay the company for welding and installation services to ensure that the design captures all features and specifications.

The client is also responsible for the excavation of the dam as the dam liner pricing in Kenya only waters for the materials and delivery. Hortitechno has one of the best technicians in Kenya involved in the general prices of excavation, leveling, and smoothing as well as installation and maintenance using a dam liner calculator.

We are located in Kisumu and major towns in Kenya to provide our clients with the best prices for dam liners in Kenya.

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