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Dam liner in Kenya by hortitechno|Quality you can trust +254723053026

Dam liner refer to thick polythene layers used to create a cover that separates water from underground storage. Dam liners separate the ground where the water is stored with the upper surface to avoid loss of water through sipping to the ground.

In areas with challenges of soil porosity, dam liner in Kenya is important in tapping and storing rainwater which can be used to irrigate agricultural fields or used for other domestic purposes.

Farmers can use dam liner in Kenya to store water in areas with heavy downpours to ensure that there is enough water for use during drought.

The dam liner in Kenya are very hardy and can hold huge volumes of water without any problems thanks to the thick sheets of plastic layers.

Dam liners in Kenya are black and are sold per square meter depending on the size of the dam to be covered. At hortitechno we stock and supply the best quality dam liner in Kenya from reliable and genuine manufacturers. Our dam liners are designed to last several years without any repair after installation.

Dam liners are of different types in terms of the thickness of polyethylene. Generally, there are thin-layered dam liners (LDPE) and thick-layered ones(HDPE) to serve various purposes.

Thickly layered dam liners are used in areas with rough or rocky surfaces to avoid tearing and resistance from the sharp and rough surface, while thin-layered ones can be used best in smooth and level surfaces since the resistance is minimal.

Alternatively, the amount of water stored or the size of the pond/dam dictates the thickness of the dam liner used. Huge volumes of water require a thickly layered dam liner (0.75mm-1.0 mm) to ensure enough strength and tensile against the heavyweight.

Small dams or ponds that store less amount of water can be lined with thin layered dam liners in Kenya due to the less weight carried. It is, therefore, the responsibility of the buyer to state the purpose, size of the pond, topography, and amount of water before purchasing a dam liner in Kenya, and get the right material from the hortitechno greenhouses countrywide to serve their water storage needs.

To be specific on the thickness of the dam liners, they come in 0.3mm,0.5mm,0.75mm to 1mm thickness with a definite width of 8 meters and 7 meters that can be fixed in any shape of a pond or dam.

Our team of technicians assess the size of the water reservoir for our clients to decide on the size and type of dam liners to be used.  Quality dam liners can be outsourced by clients from Hortitechno outlets in Nairobi and Kisumu, or have them delivered across the region if order is placed online.

Our company sells and installs dam liners in Kenya and parts of East Africa. We guarantee quality service delivery and long-lasting solution for the storage of irrigation water as well as domestic use.

Our technicians are highly trained to ensure that the installed water reservoirs are well-lined with quality dam liners to avoid water losses through leakages.

Quality of good dam liner in Kenya

A good dam liner should have the following qualities;

  • It should be UV treated to avoid damage from strong sun rays,
  • It should be manufactured from virgin materials
  • It should be non-corrosive and resistant to external forces or weight,
  • should be able to work under harsh weather conditions like strong wind and rain.

Benefits of dam liner in Kenya

  • The benefits of dam liners in Kenya include the storage of large volumes of water from excessive runoff. The water stored can be used during drought to irrigate crops enabling food security and improving the livelihoods of farmers.
    • The water can be used at homes for drinking and other domestic purposes ensuring a stable supply of clean water throughout the year.
    • Livestock also requires water for drinking, farmers can install dam-lined reservoirs to help in rearing livestock as well as the growth of livestock feeds from the stored water via irrigation.
    • Similarly, the dam liners can be used to rear fish in special ponds. This is a lucrative business as it gives a farmer a considerable amount of income from the sale of fish reared.

Hortitechno greenhouses organizes several awareness workshops for elite farmers on the benefits of dam liners in Kenya and mentors them to venture into this noble business as it is one of the technologies that ensure the production of enough food to achieve food security and alleviate hunger.

Dam liners have helped in solving the challenges faced by water storage in capability in most regions of Kenya. People in drought-stricken regions of Kenya can embrace this technology to store enough water during the rainy season to solve the problem of water scarcity.

At hortitechno, we are a problem-solving institution that ensures that our client’s problems have permanent and immediate solutions in water harvesting using dam liner in Kenya.

Dam Liner calculator

To calculate the amount of dam liner in Kenya:


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Measure the pond

Measure the depth , width and depth of the pond. Draw the cross section and label with respective figures. Cross section of length and width considering the height.


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Leave overlap of 1 meters

After measuring the dam liner and drawing a labelled cross section. you will be required to add an overlap of 1 meters on each side of the liner to aid in installation.


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Thickness of dam liner

When installing the dam liner in Kenya, you need to check on the thickness. This will help in dam liner welding in rocky surfaces. 1 mm is good for rough surfaces.

Prices dam liner in Kenya vary according to thickness and are billed in square meters.

Dam liner prices in Kenya

0.3 mm 170 .00
  • LDPE
  • light
  • 5 yrs durability

0.5 mm 230 .00
  • LDPE
  • Medium
  • 8 yrs durability

0.75 mm 320 .00
  • HDPE
  • Heavy
  • 12 yrs durability

1.00 mm 390 .00
  • HDPE
  • Heavy
  • 25 yrs durability

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