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  Metallic greenhouse in Kenya

            Metallic greenhouse in Kenya is a metal framed house that is covered with UV-treated polythene and net to allow circulation of air which provides the plant with a favorable microclimate for the plant to achieve optimal growth. the reason…

HDPE pipes for sale in Kenya

HDPE pipes for sale in Kenya refer High-Density Polyethylene pipes made from Fluids. In other words, it is a thermoplastic polymer pipe with high versatility. HDPE pipes were first introduced in China to solve the autonomy challenge of the previously…

HDPE Pipe Suppliers in Kisumu

HDPE pipe suppliers in Kisumu is done by hortitechno greenhouses at affordable prices. different sizes of Hdpe pipes are available and easily accessible in Kisumu thanks to Hortitechno produce and service company. Since the introduction of HDPE pipes in Kenya,…

HDPE Pipe Fittings in Kenya

HDPE pipe fitting in kenya refers to the science and art of joining pipes to achieve a desired design and layout. The fittings consist of various components that are compatible with all. The components include male and female adapters, elbows,…

Greenhouse materials for sale in Kenya

Greenhouse materials for sale in Kenya includes polyethene, nets, drip kits, tapping screws and gutters among more. Greenhouse farming in Kenya was introduced in the early 2000s. Greenhouse materials for sale in Kenya are available in many stores in major…