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Agronomy Services in Kenya

Agronomist in kenya

Agronomy services in Kenya have been on the decline due to a large number of farmers against the few officers involved in this service. To tackle this problem our team of professionals ensures that we have enough agronomists to capture all regions in Kenya.

Our team has positioned extension officers in all regions to assist our clients and independent farmers with all the growing problems they might face. Since most farmers lack knowledge and technical know-how on various methods of production and modern agricultural technology they need to engage with crop scientists regularly to avoid yield losses.

Out extension personnel is experienced and fully equipped to provide the best advice to farmers in areas like the choice of crop, maintenance, and marketing. The team is customer friendly and available throughout even on impromptu. The few charges on each visit are affordable and considerate.

Agronomists refer to crop scientists trained in agriculture, forestry, and plant production engineering. Individuals in the agronomy field assist farmers in the formulation of best agricultural practices to achieve better growth and performance of crops. Agronomist usually assists growers with the latest information and technologies to improve the general production of major crops.

Horticulture agronomy in kenya

The extension services provided can either be free or based on an agreed fee. The time spent on each client depends on acreage, type of crop grown, and the amount of fee paid. Knowledge and experience of different crops ensure the competency and efficiency of the agronomist.

Farmers should do a deep background check of the agronomist before engaging in any deal. Agronomists identify good seeds, varieties, nutrition patterns, chemicals and fertilizers to be used depending on different climatic zones within Kenya.

Our team is constituted of a highly specialized agronomist to assist farmers in the entire production process as well as marketing.

Agronomy services include management consultancy, growing, and technical support, Good agricultural practices, market linkage, food safety, value chain analysis, supply chain management, social compliance, training, and motivation.

Agriculture is proving more lucrative business venture where all investors are keen on putting their money to mint profits within a short time. The investors are keen on achieving results professionally hence the need for crop scientists that can provide the best in terms of advice.

Management consultancy involves engaging farmers in a feasibility study to determine what and when to plant. Choice of the crop to plant in a greenhouse or outdoors depends on the type of climate, soil, source of water, market, and capital available.

Our team provides professional advice to our clients before any engagement with them to ensure that the production process runs smoothly and perfectly. Our main aim is customer satisfaction and joy at the end of the season.

Professional extension service takes deep consideration of good agricultural practices to achieve sustainability in production.

The available resources are limited, therefore they should be used efficiently to conserve the environment and produce healthy products. Our agronomy department deeply understands the importance of good agricultural practices and therefore trains and mentor farmers on how to practice the best methods of agriculture. Formulation of the best nutrition and crop protection schedule ensures that the limiting resource is well utilized to achieve sustainability in the value chain. our company organizes regular farmers meeting to train groups of farmers on cultural practices, crop maintenance, and marketing skills. We also offer demos to achieve top-notch service delivery.

Our team is dedicated to offering linkages to the market to avoid spoilage losses and ensure better prices for the produce. In addition, we advise farmers on how to do value addition on various crops to achieve better returns.

Food safety is one of the key concerns in agriculture. Farmers should seek advice from professionals to ensure that the food they produce is safe and good for human consumption. To achieve this, our team ensures that both chemicals and fertilizers used in crop production are recommended by the WHO. The harvest intervals are also observed to ensure that products sent to the market are free from chemical residues.

We also provide farmers with knowledge on the processes to be followed in social compliance as well as legislative issues about crop production. Compliance is important while dealing with structured markets to ensure product traceability.

Training of farm hands or individuals directly involved in the production process is important in ensuring that the crops get desired handling and maintenance. Our team is comprised of a department that handles any rising complaints and acts immediately to tackle the problem and offer a lasting solution.

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