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Affordable greenhouses in Kenya

Affordable greenhouses in kenya

Affordable greenhouses in kenya has propelled farming to new height using the latest technology and methods.

Since the introduction of greenhouses in Kenya 20 years ago, the demand for greenhouses has increased. The greenhouse is a profitable venture as it allows farmers to raise crops in a controlled environment.

Plants raised in a greenhouse usually take lesser time compared to outdoor plants. The yield under greenhouse conditions generally yields higher due to protection from harsh weather conditions.

The quality of greenhouse produce is higher due to a controlled microclimate that ensures optimal growth and performance of crops. The affordable greenhouses in Kenya has several advantages such as growing different varieties of crops all year round as the technology does not depend on rain or any seasons.

The crops are grown also enjoy a microclimate that is controlled to suit production. Greenhouse plants suffer fewer diseases and pests as the structure is completely covered on the roof and sides to prevent insect pests and disease-causing organisms. Hortitechno greenhouses are affordable and durable.

Greenhouses range from wooden to metallic types. They also exist in different sizes depending on the desired use, capital availability, and construction space. The sizes could be 8*15, 8*25, 8*30, 16*30m, or more depending on the client’s desires.

Hortitechno supplies affordable greenhouses in kenya of all sizes, shapes, wooden or metallic. Greenhouse farming is enjoyable and interesting as it exposes farmers to new and developed technologies that are yield-oriented.

Getting an affordable greenhouse from a reliable partner like Hortitechno ensures accountability of money invested by our clients.

We offer a range of packages to our clients depending on their level of capital, economic status, and preferences. Since most Kenyan farmers are poor and practice small-scale farming, the affordability of a greenhouse is one key factor that they consider before purchasing a greenhouse.

This motive has driven our team of experts to be innovative in coming up with affordable greenhouses that can uplift the economic status of our local farmers.

Hortitechno is one of the leading service providers in terms of the installation of both metallic and wooden greenhouses as well as maintenance.

After listening to farmers cry, we sat down and developed an inclusive system of service that captures farmers of all economic statuses. Our technicians are well-trained in constructing small-sized metallic and wooden greenhouses that are cheap and affordable.

The wooden greenhouses we construct are durable and perform just like metallic ones. Our affordable greenhouses are well-installed to match International standards. We listen to the needs of our clients and sometimes offer credits that are paid on agreed amounts and timelines.

Generally, affordable greenhouses in Kenya range from Kshs. 100 000 to Kshs. 300 000 for wooden greenhouse and Kshs. 250 000 to Kshs. 700 000 depending on sizes. Our prices are very affordable and take care of the client’s welfare.

We have innovative options to enable farmers to raise a greenhouse at even low prices than currently researched prices. Where farmers can access timber posts at the low cost of free of charge, the other installation costs are greatly low compared to farmers in areas where wooden posts are expensive and hard to find.

Our irrigation specialists are highly experienced and qualified in designing economical watering systems that lower the cost of production and assist farmers in practicing precise and sustainable agriculture. We also sell affordable tanks, driplines, and irrigation connectors. 

The increased demand for greenhouses and the increased cost of building materials have made greenhouses unaffordable for Kenyan farmers.

At Hortitechno, we have innovative ways of cushioning the pockets of our clients by taking care of other market forces like demand and supply.

Our prices have remained constant even when farmers demand more greenhouses as we practice good business culture.

Affordable greenhouses can only be found from reliable partners like hortitechno since the Kenyan market for greenhouses lacks rules and regulations consisting of cartels and dishonest brokers. Farmers can enter into fraud if not careful.

The fraudsters in the industry sell fake materials to suspecting clients leaving them hopeless and frustrated. Our company is highly customer considerate and cares for the continuity and progress of their projects.

Our clients have shown great confidence, trust, and joy from the services we have offered them. We have a plan to offer reduced or subsidized prices for clients that consider expanding their projects after initially partnering with us.

We strongly urge investors to consider Hortitechno for affordable greenhouses which are durable and customer satisfactory. Our designs are aligned to meet customer needs and desires.

Legitimacy and authenticity of the service providers should be keenly assessed by the client to ascertain the worthiness of the engagement.

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