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Quality greenhouse in Kenya 2021

Hortitechno greenhouses is a company founded in 2011 by a group of young professionals horticulturalist in Kenya.

Greenhouse and irrigation in Kenya form the larger part of latest productive technology in agriculture , Hortitechno produce and services prides itself in giving this services and products.

We have done project in Kenya, Uganda and Tanzania.

Some of our clients include individuals, institutions, churches, co-operates, schools among others.

Our mission is to be the leading distributor of greenhouse and irrigation materials in east and central Africa at an affordable price.

We have quality greenhouse materials that include:- greenhouse polythene, shade nets, dam liners, Hdpe pipes, Shade nets, fitting , trays and media among others.

Our team is made of highly skilled technicians and Agronomists who will help you maximize on your investment. Hortitechno makes your farming experience count.

Our Story

irrigation fittings in Kenya

Pn 16 Hdpe irrigation fittings in Kenya at affordable price.

Quality fittings from elbows, tees, connectors, endcaps , reducers tank connectors among others.

Meet our team

We are passionate about greenhouse, irrigation and horticulture.

Technician sprinklers kenya

Isaac Mukose

Engineering and Project Manager

3 irrigation kenya experts

Charles Okello Odhiambo

Founder and Horticulturalist

1 Greenhouse agronomist in Kenya

Wycliff Akuku


Irrigation materials in Kenya

Save 20 % on irrigation fittings

Hdpe fitting

Get all the Hdpe fittings of PN 16: Elbows, tees, endcaps, adapters, saddle clamps, venturi, coupling, reducing tee, reducing couplings, connectors and rubbers.


Some feedback from our clients

I needed 2 acre drip irrigation and contacted hortitechno greenhouses and they installed for me.

Capsicum in greenhouse kenya

Mr John onditi

I bought HDPE pipes in online and irrigation fittings. They are quick in delivery.

Durable dam liner

Eng Isaac langat

They have the best agro-supprt visits and follow up in Kenya. I got my greenhouse investment in one season.

straw berrry kisumu

Prof Mary Wavinya

4 Kenya world bank greenhouse sponsors
5 best Kephis drip irrigation
3 best Kenya airways greenhouses
usaid logo greenhouse
logo-kcb greenhouse